Whether you’re new to iPhone or iPad or just haven’t customized your calendar settings in a while, follow along below for how dial them in on iOS.

Whenever you make a new calendar event on iPhone or iPad, either manually or with Siri, you can save time by making sure the default calendar, alert times, and more are customized to your preferences.

First, let’s take a look at default calendar and alert times, and then dive into a couple more customization options.

iPhone & iPad: How to customize calendar settings

  1. Open Settings and swipe down and tap Calendar
  2. Tap Default Alert Times to customize to your liking
  3. Tap Default Calendar to set it to your most used calendar

Additionally, you can tap on Siri & Search if you’d like to turn off the smart assistant from finding and suggesting calendar events in other apps. There’s also the ability under that section to keep calendar events from showing up on your Lock screen for those who prefer more privacy.

Another setting you can change is Time Zone OverrideThis will display event times based on a fixed location, even if you have changed locations.

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