Good news for Loopback users! Starting today, Rogue Amoeba will be rolling out its latest major update to its popular audio routing utility. In this release, the company is focusing on making the app more accessible and powerful, with an improved interface “that better illustrates how your audio will flow.”

Loopback 2 users will now be able to control volume for each individual app, throughout the entire process.

Get the perfect mix by tweaking the volume from individual sources, relative to other sources. Adjust the audio levels sent to your monitoring devices. You can even control volume coming from the virtual audio device itself, lowering it as desired.

In addition, users will now be able to capture audio from “hidden sources”. Previously unavailable, you’ll now be able to capture audio from Siri, VoiceOver, and Text-to-Speech. Simply hold down the Option key while clicking the Add Source button, and you’ll be able to access hidden sources.

For those who were limited on the number of channel devices available, Loopback 2 is now doubling the previous number, making 64 channel devices available at any given time.

Lastly, Rogue Amoeba has updated Loopback to be fully compatible with Apple’s VoiceOver accessibility tool, making it possible for users with visual impairments to use the app to its fullest potential.

Learn more about today’s update here.

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