Arlo Ultra 4K Wire-free HDR Security System

Connected camera manufacturer Arlo has been a HomeKit partner for a while with the Arlo baby monitor. At CES, Arlo has announced that its existing 1080p home security camera system, Arlo Pro 2, will add HomeKit this quarter with a free software update.

The company also announces availability for its a new 4K indoor/outdoor Arlo Ultra security camera system, which you can order now from $399. The Ultra will also be upgraded with HomeKit integration soon.

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HomeKit support allows users to see live video from their connected cameras in the Home app on their iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Users can also receive notification alerts when motion is detected. Motion will also be exposed as HomeKit trigger, so you can setup your home to turn the lights on when a camera detects movement in the room. HomeKit enables smart home accessories from multiple manufacturers to work seamlessly with one other, so everything can be mixed and matched.

The Arlo Ultra camera features 4K HDR video recording, with night vision mode. A 4K resolution enables higher-quality magnification with digital zoom than a lower-res 1080p camera could provide.

The camera touts a wide 180 degrees field of view, and houses integrated microphones and speakers for two-way audio. The camera mic is designed to reduce background noise and focus on speaking voices.

The Ultra includes a spotlight to brighten dark scenes, which means you can actually use the RGB color camera at night-time, not just the standard IR mode. You can also fire the spotlight to ward off intruders.

The Arlo Ultra can be mounted or used indoors wire-free with an integrated internal battery and magnetic charger. Ultra purchases include a year’s trial of the Arlo Smart subscription which stores recordings in the cloud for up to 30 days and enables advanced object detection for more sophisticated alerts.

The Arlo Ultra goes on sale at the end of the month. Find out more details on the Arlo website.

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