As expected, Apple today shared a special ‘Shot on iPhone’ video in celebration of the Chinese New Year. After being teased earlier this week, the video is now live on Apple’s YouTube channel. Watch it below.

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The moving 6-minute video is directed by Jia Zhangke and tells a story about family and home visits during the Chinese New Year holiday. Entitled “The Bucket,” the short film was shot with an iPhone XS:

(Translated): In the Spring Festival this year, Apple invited director Jia Zhangke to shoot “A Barrel” with iPhone XS, telling a story about everyone who has left home after the end of the year.

What gifts would your parents prepare when your Chinese New Year visit comes to an end? A film about the taste of home shot on iPhone XS by Jia Zhangke.

In addition to the Shot on iPhone video, Apple has also shared an App Store collection highlighting “featured apps and games, exclusive offers to accompany you through the New Year.” There’s also an official Apple Music playlist for Chinese New Year.

Finally, Apple has shared a pair of other videos with director Jia Zhangke. One features him talking about slo-mo video, while the other focuses on depth control:

Acclaimed film director Jia Zhangke sheds some light on how slowing time with Slo-mo on iPhone XS makes emotions last longer. Use Slo-mo to prolong and savor the taste of home this Chinese New Year.

Jia Zhangke talks about bridging the gap between his subject matter and audience through Depth Control with iPhone XS. Use Depth Control to get closer to the taste of home this Chinese New Year.

Watch all three of the videos below:

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