Clicker for Netflix is a new app for macOS that aims to improve the experience of watching Netflix on your app. The app enables powerful Touch Bar controls, Menu Bar control, and more. Unfortunately, some of the inherent limitations of Netflix on a Mac – such as 4K playback – remain.

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The interface will be familiar to anyone who has used Netflix in the past, but what sets Clicker apart is easy access to a handful of customization options. For instance, you can easily disable auto-play trailers and the hover effects when browsing. You can also completely hide the “Netflix Originals” row.

In terms of playback controls, you have the ability to automatically skip introductions and theme songs – or the ability to hide the “Skip Intro” button altogether. You can also disable auto-advance to next episode. All of these controls are easily accessible via the “Browsing” and “Playback” sections of the Menu Bar.

One of the most interesting things about Clicker for Netflix is its support for Touch Bar controls. From the Touch Bar, you can control playback, as well as access the “Quick Switcher” menu. From the Quick Switcher menu, you can browse your recently watched shows, and instantly switch to watching something else.

The Touch Bar also supports enabling and disabling captions, watching via picture-and-picture, and more. Via the macOS Menu Bar, Clicker also allows you to instantly start playing one of your recently watched shows.

There are still some limitations, mainly due to the fact that Clicker is primarily a web wrapper of the Netflix website but with unique customization options. For instance, playback is limited to 1080p, much like it is through the browser on a Mac. Nonetheless, Clicker makes Netflix easier to access on the Mac, despite its limitations.

Clicker is available for $2 when you use the code launchpromo19. Download it here.

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