iOS 13 comes with four new wallpaper options, each with a tweaked variant for dark and light appearance themes.

The wallpapers are four different color twists on the close-up image of ‘lava lamp’ bubbles.

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The available colors are black and white, green and white, blue and white, and orange and white.

In light mode, these wallpaper have white backdrops. These special stock wallpapers have black background variants that are used instead if you are running in dark mode.

Download the new wallpaper here:

If you prefer to use your own wallpaper, there’s also a new setting called ‘Dark Appearance Dims Wallpaper’.

With this enabled, the operating system dynamically adjusts the exposure and brightness of your own personal photo wallpaper. In the following example, the dark mode wallpaper dimming treatment is seen on the left.

The dimming effect is subtle but noticeable. If undesirable, you can disable it in Settings -> Wallpaper.

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