Another feature arriving with iOS 13 that users are excited about is the ability to download apps greater than 200 MB over cellular. There are a few choices with one option letting users turn off warnings about app download size altogether.

With iOS 12, Apple has a maximum app download size limit set at 200 MB for cellular connections. That was a slight increase over the previous 150 MB limit. While that’s in place to prevent users from unexpectedly going over their data plan, there was no option to override the limit.

iOS 13 now offers the option to download apps over 200 MB on your iPhone over cellular as well as turning the warning off completely.

How to download any size app over cellular with iPhone on iOS 13

  1. If you’re not worried about going over a data limit, head to Settings
  2. Swipe down and tap iTunes & App Store
  3. Under Cellular Data choose App Downloads
  4. Select Always Allow

As you can see below, the default setting in iOS 13 is to ask about downloading any apps over 200 MB with a cellular connection. You can still download them, but if you want the most seamless process you can turn off the warning.

any size app cellular iPhone

If you keep the default setting for app downloads over cellular, here’s how the warning/override screen looks that comes after you confirm the installation:

At the other end of the spectrum, you can also opt to get a warning for any size app before you download it over cellular. Choose Ask First in the settings shown above.

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