ARKit Demonstration on an iPhone 7

A Glimpse of how my new A.I bot will look, I call her “Pepper”. I’ve been working on an A.I. bot for a while now, to be short, it’s like V.I.K.I in I, Robot. With the help of ARKit, I was able to bring it close to a real life assistant. Due to obvious reasons […]

Voiceover with braille with OS X Sierra

My experiences with voiceover and braille I am a blind Mac user since Mac OS Leopard 10.5.3. Before that, I was using Windows and Linux. In all situations, I used braille mostly with speech if speech was available. So, when braille came available for OS X, I made the change to Mac. I am writing […]

iPad mini 5 SKUs appearing in UK retailer’s inventory system

Editor’s note: The below info was sent from a 9to5Mac tipster and submitted to our Community site:


Pro user pleads with Apple in new parody video ‘Apple Forgot Me’

Apple’s faced backlash from the pro community recently and now one pro user is using a parody video to plead his case with Apple. Set to the tune of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You,” the video features a Steve Jobs doll and many clever remarks as to Apple’s lack of attention to the Mac, its […]

Here’s how to get your AirPods back when you drop them down a storm drain …

AirPods may make for convenient listening on the move, but having one fall out of your ear and drop to somewhere inaccessible – like a storm drain – can be an expensive event. But a little old-fashioned ingenuity can save the day, as the CEO of an app development company demonstrated …

The Apple Intern

The Apple Intern

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