Hi guys, my name is Mattia and i’ve decided to send you my new app, FEELINGS. During this time where selfies are the most attractive pics in the world, i’ve developed a new app to “EMOJIFY YOURSELF”. Please take a while to read and see it. TITLE: FEELINGS PRICE: FREE (for a limited time) LINK: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/feelings!/id896732266?mt=8




° * ° * Share the excitement of be in front of a breathtaking sight! ° * ° * 


With Feelings app takes the shot of the landscape, and you can capture your expression, using the front face camera. 

The two photos are mixed automatically: the real subject of the picture appears in the background, and a smaller image of your emotions will appear in the corner. 

° * ° * Create funny collages with your best selfie and send them to your friends! ° * ° * 

Edit your pictures with amazing filters. Adjust Brightness, Saturation, and much more or set up a special filter to give your pic a unique twist. 

Save and share your photos with your friends! And do not forget to use the #feelings hashtag :) 

With this app you no longer need to add emoji on your photo; now, EMOJIFY YOURSELF! 

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