Is Apple Slowly Killing The MacBook Air?

The Macbook Air hasn’t received a major update since 2011. 4 years since a design change, or a display change. Is this a indication that Apple is slowly killing the MacBook Air? Now even though the MacBook Air hasn’t received any major update, Apple has been releasing incremental updates for the MacBook Air. Mostly, these updates include faster processors, better battery life, and price drops. But does the introduction of the new MacBook indicate the death of the MacBook Air?

Let’s start with the basics. The two biggest points Steve Jobs made when introducing the Air was the design, and how it was pushing “new technologies”,  such as flash storage and no DVD drive. It was also known for it being incredibly thin and light. So thin, that it could fit into a envelope! The new MacBook does the EXACT same thing. It is known for its thin and light design and how it only has one port plus the headphone jack! Plus it is even thinner AND lighter then the Air! So does this indicate that Apple thinks of the new MacBook as the “MacBook Air of 2015?” Another red flag is how Apple discontinued the original MacBook in 2011 because of the popularity of the MacBook Air. Could the same thing happen to the MacBook Air in the next 3 years?

At this point, I am just speculating, as it might be years until Apple decides to discontinue the MacBook Air. But who knows! Leave your thoughts and ideas down below!

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