Opinion: What to expect with iPhone 6

If your new iPhone 5s is already feeling old, just know that we won’t see the next iPhone 6 for a few more months. But to hold you over, here is a small summary of things I think we could see in the iPhone 6.

Screen size: The iPhones screen size has been static for a long time, only with a small increase with the announcement of the iPhone 5. Many users, who like iOS, but require more screen real estate, have been complaining to Apple about this. With the iPhone 6, I think we could see a screen size hovering around five inches. This would set the sweet spot between an overly sized phone and what Apple currently has.

Redesign: The iPhone is long overdue for a redesign, as we only saw the introduction of new colors with the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 6 would probably have a slimmer design, quite possibly unibody, and come in the same colors of the iPhone 5s — gold, space gray, and silver.

Better battery: To complement the new bigger screen and construction, the new iPhone 6 will also probably come with a new bigger battery to help power a new chip and the larger display. We could see improvements to recharge performance, as well.

Improved camera: The iPhone 6 could also see a bump up in camera optics and megapixels. From the current eight megapixels, we could see an increase to 12 megapixels.

These four are the most likely to happen, and some have been suggested in recent leaks of housings of the supposed new iPhone. Are you crossing your fingers for something in the new iPhone 6? Let us know in the comments!

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