Apple Commercial Stories March 13, 2021

Apple has launched a new ad promoting the iPhone 12 durability. It’s not the first time the company has emphasized this, as in its iPhone keynote last year, it said that this model has four times better drop performance.

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Apple Commercial Stories May 24, 2013

Apple trolls us with ‘iWatch’ tease in latest iPhone music ad

Here’s an amusing little image for your Friday: the screenshot above is a clip from Apple’s newest “Music Every Day” ad, which was posted on their YouTube channel last night.

If you pay attention at around 0:30 in the commercial, you’ll see what would almost appear to be someone wearing a large, wrist-device while listening to music on their iPhone.

While obviously Apple wouldn’t leak a real product through their advertisements, we can’t help but think that this is perhaps a subtle troll on Apple’s part.

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