Basecamp Stories February 6, 2020

Invites open for new email product from makers of Basecamp aimed at making you love email again

Ahead of the next software release of the popular project management software Basecamp, the company’s founder and CEO has announced that it will release a brand new product to tackle email this spring. “Hey” is designed to make email a “delight” rather than something to “deal with.” And registration for early invites is open now.

Basecamp Stories June 23, 2014


Having just returned from a 12-day cycle-touring holiday (you missed me, right?), it occurred to me how much the activity has changed over the years. The basics are still the same, of course: turning the pedals makes the scenery pass slowly by, and by the end of the day you’re 40 or 50 miles away from where you had breakfast. But what used to be a very low-tech activity, involving little more than a paper map and compass, has now turned into something of a technofest – at least for me and a fellow geek friend who joined me. And my MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone are all integral parts of the trip …

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