Carbon Copy Cloner Stories May 19, 2021

Popular advanced backup software for Mac, Carbon Copy Cloner is out with a major update today. Version 6 comes with a long list of new features and improvements including up to 20x faster performance, redesigned UI with Dark Mode, backup audit, snapshot navigator, task preview, and much more.

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Carbon Copy Cloner Stories November 3, 2020

Carbon Copy Cloner is a popular software that lets Mac users easily back up entire disks and partitions on macOS. As macOS Big Sur is about to be released to the public, the developers behind Carbon Copy Cloner have now alerted their users about potential compatibility issues with the latest version of Apple’s operating system.

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Carbon Copy Cloner Stories July 23, 2012

Mountain Lion installed on a MacPro1,1, here’s how to do it

As pointed out by OWC, a step-by-step instruction guide has popped up courtesy of Mac user Jabbawok that details the steps necessary to get Mountain Lion running on a MacPro1.1 (the models first introduced in 2006). It is not the easiest process ever, forcing you to upgrade the graphics card, have access to a spare SATA HDD, and go through a couple of dozen or so more steps inside Chameleon bootloader, terminal, and elsewhere. The good news is this means there are not a lot of Intel Macs that won’t be able to handle Mountain Lion. You can check out the instructions here, if you are interested, and the author gave a brief explanation below on what prevents the MacPro1.1 models from running Mountain Lion in the first place:

There are two things that prevent 10.8 from installing on a MacPro 1,1. The first is the lack of EFI64. Mountain Lion as has no support for 32bit kernel and extensions so it will not boot. This is true of many early Intel macs… The other thing is that checks are made by the installer; against a supported machines list. If your mac isn’t on the list, it refuses to install.

On a related note, you might make use of popular Mac backup and cloning app Carbon Copy Cloner throughout the process. The app was just updated to version 3.5 with a number of new features including Mountain Lion compatibility.


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