Energous Stories January 3, 2018

Back when Android manufacturers were adding wireless charging to their phones and Apple wasn’t, one popular theory was that the iPhone maker was skipping contact-based chargers and holding out for long-distance ones. In the end, of course, Apple finally opted for the same contact-based Qi chargers as everyone else.

But resonance chargers – which require the device to be placed extremely close to the charging coils – offer limited benefit. Sure, it’s convenient to be able to just put your iPhone X down on a wireless charging dock and pick it up again later without having to fiddle with the Lightning cable, but you still have just as many cables as ever – they are now simply attached to docks.

RF-based long-distance charging – promoted by companies like Energous – promises far greater benefit, allowing devices to be charged anywhere in the same room as the charger. So why didn’t Apple wait … ?

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Energous Stories December 29, 2017

A new patent application by Apple hints at RF-based long-range wireless charging, along the lines of the Energous system which was recently granted FCC approval.

As is usual with Apple patent applications, the wording is as general as possible – encompassing both wired and wireless charging – but the problem it aims to solve does appear to be one that arises primarily with long-range wireless charging …

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Energous Stories December 27, 2017

While contact-based wireless charging can be handy, the true holy grail is long-range charging – allowing all products to be automatically charged anywhere in a room. We’re not quite there yet, but Energous has been working on the technology for some time now, and has just announced an important step along the way.

The company has received the first ever Federal Communications Commission for power-at-a-distance charging …

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Energous Stories January 24, 2017


Persistent reports that Apple is working on introducing long-range wireless charging technology in the iPhone 8 may be overly optimistic, suggests a new report.

Long-range charging would free devices from the need to be placed onto a charging mat, allowing them to be charged anywhere from three to twenty feet away from a charger. Bloomberg first reported that Apple was working on this tech almost a year ago, and there have been multiple suggestions since then of a tie-in with Energous, whose WattUp technology raises the prospect of iPhones being charged anywhere within a room.

Two particular reports seemed to add weight to this claim, as a key Apple supplier partnered with Energous before the company announced a ‘key strategic partnership‘ three weeks ago. However, analysts writing as Copperfield Research believe that Apple’s plans for the iPhone 8 may be less ambitious …

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Energous Stories January 4, 2017


Potential Apple partner Energous has once again further delayed the release of their wireless charging technology. In a phone call with the CEO today, Energous stated that plans changed after “key strategic partnership” was made. That doesn’t mean wireless charging is down for the count at this year’s CES though. Ossia is set to launch Cota Tile, a ceiling that can deliver wireless power to compatible devices.

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