GrayKey Stories October 24, 2018

In 2017, a duo of security specialists: Braden Thomas, former Apple security engineer, and Justin Fisher, senior research scientist at Endgame, formed a highly secretive company known as Grayshift. They began selling a box which promised to unlock any password-protected iPhone.

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GrayKey Stories June 4, 2018

iOS 12 doubles down on passcode brute forcing, USB Restricted Mode now set to one hour

We previously reported that Apple was looking to prevent services such as GrayShift by implementing a USB Restricted Mode that restricts the Lightning port to only charging after 7 days. Now, the company is taking things farther…

GrayKey Stories April 24, 2018

Most people keeping up with iPhone unlocking tactics know about the GrayKey iPhone unlocking box that is able to unlock most iPhones in under 3 days and has been gaining traction among police departments. Now, the company is facing issues of its own…

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GrayKey Stories April 12, 2018

As the privacy debate surrounding technology continues to make its rounds in recent news, Apple’s stance on privacy and security hasn’t changed, especially when it involves law enforcement.

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