IM+ Pro Stories February 14, 2013

Kickstarter: Today Kickstarter announced that it is finally launching an official app for iPhone and iPod touch. The app provides users with the majority of features accessible through the website including the ability to find, filter, and back projects, watch project videos, follow and keep up with projects in an always up-to-date Activity tab, and receive notifications when someone backs or launches a project. The app also includes creator tools such as a feature to “take pictures and videos with their iPhone camera and post them as project updates straight from the app.”

DIE-HARD-IPhone-AppDIE HARD: Fox Digital Entertainment today released the official DIE HARD iOS game in support of the upcoming “A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD” feature film. You play as Jack McClane as you “blast your way out of Moscow’s mean streets and travel to the radioactive wasteland of Chernobyl.” The developer called the game an “endless shooter”– a combination of “the “endless runner” and “first-person shooter” genres. It’s available now for 99 cents.

With DIE HARD, the mission was to develop an app with the gameplay and attitude to match the groundbreaking nature of the DIE HARD franchise, its longtime hero John McClane and new protagonist Jack McClane.  In a twist on the endless runner genre, where the player runs from danger, DIE HARD equips the player to face the action head on, running towards foes and confronting them from a first-person perspective.

Skype 6.2 for Mac: Skype was updated with a few new features and improvements. Users can now send Skype credit as a gift through an eGifting feature, as well as send “one-way SMS without verifying your mobile number. ”

QuickBooks Online for iPad: Intuit announced today a new iPad app for QuickBooks Online. It’s free for subscribers, but the app also provides a 30 day free trail and monthly and annual subscriptions for $13 and $125. Full list of features below: expand full story

IM+ Pro Stories December 7, 2012

Discover Mobile adds Passbook, Draw Something Pro, BBC iPlayer, Showtime, deals, more

Discover Mobile version 4.10: The Discover for iPhone app officially gains Passbook support for saving redeemed Cashback Bonuses.

-Your Discover app now includes Apple Passbook integration for partner eCertificates! Redeem your Cashback Bonus for a partner eCertificate and save it to Passbook! (Available for users on iOS 6 or greater)

Draw Something Pro: OMGPOP is out with a new, paid, ad-free version of its popular Draw Something app. While you could get a universal, ad-free $2.99 version of the app previously, this new pro version includes a UI designed specifically for iPad (no iPhone/iPod support), and a few new features including:

✐ INFINITE BOMBS • Never run out of BOMBS. Ever. • Gain access to ALL SPECIAL WORDS at no extra cost • Unlimited GUESS help – keep your streaks alive ✐ FREE COLOR PACK • 10 brilliant new colors available only in PRO ✐ STUNNING NEW DESIGN • A larger drawing screen optimized just for iPad

Vintagio version 4.1: MacPhun’s retro video editor app is currently 60% off for the holidays in our deal section below and today received new features including full iPhone 5/iOS 6 support, Cinegram exports, a faster algorithm, and other improvements.

Showtime version 3.0.2: 

– iPhone 5 compatibility – iOS 6 compatibility – Now provides support for closed captioning on free full episodes – Bug fixes and improvements

BBC iPlayer: This free app now supports iPhone 5. The change log for version 2.0.2. also includes:

  • Watching programmes on the iPad has had a facelift. Check out what’s behind the “More” and “Live Channels” buttons.
  • It’s already available on the iPad, and now you can plug your phone into your telly.
  • Feedback on the BBC iPlayer downloads feature has been great. We’ve fixed a number of bugs to hopefully make it even better!

The Oregon Trail: American Settler: The classic PC titled was recently revived for iOS devices by developer Gameloft, and today gets a few new features including a snow-covered landscape, and an appearance by 7-time Grammy award winning country group Lady Antebellum:

★ Interact with the members of the popular country pop band, Lady Antebellum, as they visit Oregon for the winter – starting at Level 15. Watch their performance in the new Concert Hall! ★ All-new town photo sharing – share postcards of your frontier town with all your friends! ★ New snow-covered landscape! ★ Festive quests, decorations and buildings. ★ Dress Ma & Pa in holiday-themed outfits!

WhatsApp Messenger version 2.8.7: Some necessary fixes for the popular WhatsApp Messenger app:

IM+ Pro Stories July 24, 2012

Apps & updates: Tweetbot Alpha 3, IM+ Pro, Viber, more

There are more than a few apps and updates today worth mentioning, starting with the latest update for the recently launched Tweetbot for Mac Alpha:

Tweetbot Alpha 3: After rolling out a huge update a couple of days ago for notifications, keyboard shortcuts and other performance enhancements, Tweetbot Alpha 3 is officially available for download/update today. It brings the ability to switch usernames/accounts from within the New Tweet compose window. Clicking a small profile image within the “new tweet” pop-up lets you switch between accounts on the fly. The update also included a hashtag popover fix.

IM+ Pro version 7.0: Perhaps the biggest new feature included in today’s update to one of the most popular iOS IM clients is “Metacontacts,” which is the ability to “merge multiple accounts of one contact into a metacontact” and reduce clutter while increasing efficiency for multiple account users. Another big new feature is iCloud support for syncing IM+ settings across multiple iOS devices, as well as support for additional IM services like Gadu-Gadu and MeinVZ. Unfortunately, version 7.0 will also drop support for iOS 3.x, and it now only works on iOS 4 and up.

Viber version 2.2.0: A huge update today goes to the iOS client for the 90 million-strong Viber service, which allows users worldwide to make free calls and send texts and photos without advertising. Included in the update is a completely refreshed UI that brings group messaging, custom backgrounds for any conversation, profile photos in the Contacts list, and a time stamp for every message. In addition, you will now be able to view recently joined users from the Contacts screen. Viber also promises better sound quality and a new voice engine.

Sky News International for iPad: Released today on the App Store to join the already available for iPhone version, Sky News now has a dedicated iPad app for its international edition with breaking news, top stories, and live streaming of Sky News TV in full screen.

Plesk Manager version 1.2.0: Parallels’ app for monitoring and controlling servers running Parallels Plesk Panel 10.4.4 and Plesk Panel Power Pack was updated today with push notifications, a logs viewer, a new skin, an embedded panel view for iPad, an “improved user experience for VPS owners,” and a troubleshooting section.

Sparrow version 1.3.1: A small update for Sparrow’s iPhone app today includes several bug fixes.

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