OECD Stories July 25, 2014

OECD data reveals one mobile Internet connection for every person in the U.S.

Data released by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development reveals that there are now as many mobile Internet connections as there are people in the USA. While not everyone has a mobile data SIM or dongle, those with multiple devices make up for those left out, taking the average to a fraction over 100 percent.

Six other countries also manage to have more mobile data subscriptions than people, Finland topping the list with an average of 1.25 connections per person. The overall average across the 34 countries within the OECD grouping was 72.4 percent.

(via The Register)

OECD Stories July 5, 2013

Irish authorities won’t grill Apple & Google over offshore tax practices

Unlike the U.S. and EU, Irish authorities won’t be forcing representatives from Apple and Google to answer questions on their tax practices after a motion to do so was voted down this week by the Irish parliamentary committee. The news, first reported by TheRegister, follows Apple CEO Tim Cook’s testimony before a U.S. Senate hearing in May and Ireland’s denial of “a special two-percent rate” at the center of controversy surrounding Apple’s over shore tax practices:

The subcommittee is already scheduled to hear from the OECD, the Department of Finance, tax authority the Revenue Commissioner and academics, but Doherty wanted the option to also call representatives from firms like Google and Apple, which have already been quizzed in Blighty and the US.

“Given the fact that multinational corporations have appeared at committees in Britain and the United States to give evidence about their tax affairs in Ireland, it is ridiculous that politicians here in Ireland would vote down a proposal for them to do the same here,” he said in a statement after the vote went against him.“If the committee is to do its job properly it is important that it is free to invite the relevant people and companies to provide all the relevant information.”

In late May, the EU Tax Commissioner called for an end to tax havens following Apple’s testimony before the U.S. Senate, while the U.K. and other EU member states have also questioned Apple and other large multinationals on their tax practies. Irish authorities planned to investigate the issue as well, but now it appears Apple and other companies won’t be dragged into the process.

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