Ireland Stories September 25

The Apple Irish tax ruling in July went against the European Union, the judge stating that it had failed to prove that Ireland offered illegal state aid to the iPhone maker. As we predicted then, however, the EU has now lodged an appeal.

The EU did wait until the last minute to do so, making the filing today, the last day of the appeal window …

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Ireland Stories September 21

The Irish tax ruling in July went in Apple’s favor, with the court finding that the European Union had failed to prove that the tax deal Ireland offered to Apple was illegal, and therefore the company did not owe €13B ($15B) in back taxes.

It was widely predicted at the time that the EU would appeal the case. However, the deadline for doing so is this Friday, September 25, and so far no appeal has been lodged…

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Ireland Stories July 15

We today got a ruling in the long-running Irish tax case, but while we can say that Apple won the case, it would probably be more accurate to say that the European Union lost it. The court ruled not that the EU was wrong, but rather that it hadn’t proven its case ‘to the requisite legal standard.’

That’s a polite way for a judge to tell the losing side that they failed to properly prepare their case, and to imply that the outcome would have been different if they’d done their homework …

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In 2016, Apple was ordered to pay 13 billion euros to Ireland as repayment for back taxes at a rate that the EU deemed was illegal. Both Apple and Ireland appealed the judgment.

Four years on, the first round of legal battles have come to a conclusion today: the EU court rejected the ruling which essentially means Ireland and Apple won. However, the EU commission will almost certainly appeal. A final decision on a corporate judgment of this scale will take many, many, years to resolve.

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Ireland Stories July 14

The Irish tax ruling expected tomorrow will determine whether or not Apple owes the Irish government €13B ($14.8B) in underpaid taxes.

But a new report today says that the Irish government fears that it will lose out no matter which way the decision goes …

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Ireland Stories May 18

France has announced that it will go ahead with a so-called ‘Apple tax’ this year, whether or not an agreement is reached on an international proposal to ensure tech giants receive the same tax treatment across 137 countries.

France was the first European country to decide to impose a tax on the local revenues of Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon – after President Macron accused tech giants of having ‘permanent tax haven status‘ …

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