Ireland Stories March 6

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Apple will launch its mobile payment platform Apple Pay in Ireland tomorrow we have learned from two separate sources with knowledge of the matter. The move comes as we’re also expecting a launch sooner rather than later in Taiwan. Apple Pay allows users to complete transactions in-person, online, and in-app with their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac.

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Ireland Stories February 21

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The European Courts of Justice has now published Apple’s appeal against a European Commission ruling that it must pay Ireland €13B ($13.7B) in underpaid tax. Apple accuses the EC of ‘fundamental errors’ in its interpretation of the facts and lays out no fewer than 14 different objections.

Apple’s appeal document is best described as an aggressive defence …

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Ireland Stories October 10, 2016

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Majority of Irish voters back Apple and Irish government in opposing EU tax ruling – poll

A poll for the Irish Times found that the majority of Irish voters believe that the government is right to join Apple in appealing against the EU ruling that the Cupertino company must pay €13B ($14.5B) in back taxes.


Ireland Stories September 26, 2016

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Apple’s lack of lobbying presence in Europe left it in dark over tax investigation for two years – WSJ

Apple’s lack of lobbying presence in Europe left in largely in the dark about the long-running investigation into its Irish tax arrangements, argues the WSJ. It has been ruled that Apple underpaid tax in Europe to the tune of €13B ($15B).

Ireland Stories August 31, 2016

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After it was revealed that Apple paid an effective tax rate on its European profits of just 0.005% in 2014, a local tax and advisory firm has said that while other multinational companies had similar arrangements with Ireland, Apple’s deal was ‘the most brazen.’ The comment was made by Aisling Donohue, a partner at tax and business advisory firm MGPartners, reports Bloomberg.

The European Commission yesterday ordered the Irish government to recover €13B ($15B) in taxation from Apple after it was ruled to have offered the company illegal tax breaks. Apple is appealing the ruling.

Netflix says that it believes that the type of tax avoidance measures employed by Apple and other U.S. tech companies are ‘unsustainable’ …

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Ireland Stories May 27, 2016

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A solar array at one of Apple's existing data centers in North Carolina
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Update: Business Insider reports that the decision has been further delayed. The planning body An Bord Pleanála has said that it won’t be able to reach a decision now until 11th August as it needs more time to consider the impact of the infrastructure needed to support the data center.

Apple has responded to environmental objections to its planned $950M data center, arguing that the proposed development is necessary, would meet projected demand for the next 10-15 years, and would pose no risk to the local environment.

Although Apple was initially given the go-ahead for the center, construction had to be delayed when appeals against the decision were filed. The planning body, An Bord Pleanála, asked Apple to respond to five concerns, and Business Insider has now seen a transcript of the company’s oral response …

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