Ireland Stories May 18

France has announced that it will go ahead with a so-called ‘Apple tax’ this year, whether or not an agreement is reached on an international proposal to ensure tech giants receive the same tax treatment across 137 countries.

France was the first European country to decide to impose a tax on the local revenues of Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon – after President Macron accused tech giants of having ‘permanent tax haven status‘ …

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Ireland Stories January 31

Officials from 137 governments have begun work on new international tax rules for tech giants. The new rules will be designed to ensure that tech companies pay tax in each of the countries in which they operate, preventing them from funneling profits through to a low-tax country.

This will impact companies like Apple, which used Ireland as its European HQ and funneled profits from Apple Stores throughout Europe…

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Ireland Stories January 20

Tim Cook is in Ireland to receive an award in recognition of Apple’s 40 years of investment in Ireland. Apple’s CEO is set to collect that award from prime minister Leo Varadkar.

While there, Cook indirectly addressed criticism of Apple’s use of Ireland as its European HQ in order to reduce its tax bill in Europe…

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Ireland Stories October 9, 2019

Apple and other tech giants will in future be required to pay tax in each country in which they sell products and services. Apple, for example, will no longer be able to funnel profits from all European Apple Stores through Ireland as a means of avoiding tax in the countries where the products are actually sold.

The plans were announced by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), following more than 130 countries agreeing on the need for global tax reform…

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Ireland Stories September 18, 2019

Apple’s Irish companies were relatively unimportant, according to the iPhone maker’s lawyer. Daniel Beard made the claim in the second and final day of the Irish tax appeal.

On the face of it, that would seem a strange argument for the company to make…

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Ireland Stories September 17, 2019

The two-day Irish tax appeal is underway, with both Apple and Ireland appealing against a ruling that the Cupertino company must pay €13B ($14.3B) in underpaid tax over more than two decades.

Apple isn’t pulling any punches, its lawyer arguing that the ruling ‘defies reality and common sense’ …

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