Ireland Stories October 9

Apple and other tech giants will in future be required to pay tax in each country in which they sell products and services. Apple, for example, will no longer be able to funnel profits from all European Apple Stores through Ireland as a means of avoiding tax in the countries where the products are actually sold.

The plans were announced by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), following more than 130 countries agreeing on the need for global tax reform…

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Ireland Stories September 18

Apple’s Irish companies were relatively unimportant, according to the iPhone maker’s lawyer. Daniel Beard made the claim in the second and final day of the Irish tax appeal.

On the face of it, that would seem a strange argument for the company to make…

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Ireland Stories September 17

The two-day Irish tax appeal is underway, with both Apple and Ireland appealing against a ruling that the Cupertino company must pay €13B ($14.3B) in underpaid tax over more than two decades.

Apple isn’t pulling any punches, its lawyer arguing that the ruling ‘defies reality and common sense’ …

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Ireland Stories September 16

Apple’s appeal against the €13 billion ($14.3 billion) Irish tax ruling is due to begin tomorrow, and chief financial officer Luca Maestri is reported to be heading the team.

Apple is reportedly taking five other execs to help the company make its case in a court case scheduled to last just two days…

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Ireland Stories August 16

Apple’s appeal against the European Commission’s (EC) ruling that it must pay a massive €13B ($14.4B) in underpaid taxes to the Irish government will finally make it to court next month. The appeal has been scheduled for two days, on September 17-18.

Both Apple and the Irish government appealed the ruling that the sweetheart tax deal offered to the Cupertino company by Ireland amounted to illegal state aid…

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Ireland Stories June 10

The G20 has set a deadline for a two-prong tax crackdown on tech giants, which could hit companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Uber. The 20 members have agreed to put in place by 2020 measures to stop international companies using tax loopholes to pay less tax than locally-based companies.

One of the arrangements used by Apple has been cited as an example of this type of loophole …

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