Tax Stories August 17

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Irish government says it will collect the €13B ($15B) back-tax from Apple but under protest

The Irish government has said that it will comply with an EU ruling and collect €13 billion in back-tax from Apple, but is doing so under protest …

Tax Stories July 13

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A French court has ruled against the country’s own tax authority, and decided that Google need not pay a €1.11B ($1.27B) tax bill. Although the ruling so far applies only to Google and only in France, it sets a precedent that could influence other cases in Europe.

In particular, the case has striking similarities to that involving Apple …

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Tax Stories March 21

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Apple has come under fire in New Zealand after it was revealed that it had paid no tax whatsoever in the country for the past decade, despite selling more than NZ$4.2B ($2.96B) worth of products in the country. The NZ Herald said that the company’s tax arrangements had been criticized by parties across the political spectrum.

Green Party co-leader James Shaw said Apple was not paying its fair share. “It is absolutely extraordinary that they are able to get away with paying zero tax in this country. I really like Apple products – they’re incredibly innovative – but it looks like their tax department is even more innovative than their product designers,” Shaw said … 

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The best 4K & 5K displays for Mac

Tax Stories November 9, 2016

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Irish government formally submits appeal against €13B Apple tax ruling

The Irish government is today formally appealing against a European Union ruling that it should have claimed an additional €13B in tax from Apple, which has its European headquarters in the country. The EU ruled that offering Apple a sweetheart tax rate of just 2.5% amounted to illegal state aid.

Tax Stories October 10, 2016

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Majority of Irish voters back Apple and Irish government in opposing EU tax ruling – poll

A poll for the Irish Times found that the majority of Irish voters believe that the government is right to join Apple in appealing against the EU ruling that the Cupertino company must pay €13B ($14.5B) in back taxes.

Tax Stories September 26, 2016

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Apple’s lack of lobbying presence in Europe left it in dark over tax investigation for two years – WSJ

Apple’s lack of lobbying presence in Europe left in largely in the dark about the long-running investigation into its Irish tax arrangements, argues the WSJ. It has been ruled that Apple underpaid tax in Europe to the tune of €13B ($15B).

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