S-II Stories May 20, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S II and iPhone 4 (front, side)

A Dutch appeals court today upheld a 2011 decision that banned the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy S II and Galaxy Ace phones, as noted by Re/code. The devices in question were found to have infringed on Apple’s design in an earlier ruling and blocked from sale.

Apple’s original intent was to get an injunction against all Galaxy devices, but the company was forced to settle instead for just the two devices listed above.

Even though Apple and Google recently decided to settle their differences, thus halting the “thermonuclear warfare” instigated by former CEO Steve Jobs, there’s no indication that Apple plans to stop going after Samsung or other manufacturers directly any time soon. In fact, Samsung was recently found to have infringed on Apple’s design yet again with some of its newer devices and order to pay nearly $120 million in damages.

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S-II Stories October 11, 2011

800MHz iPhone 4S browser powers past the 1.5GHz Samsung Galaxy S II

[vodpod id=Video.15538873&w=650&h=420&fv=config%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fasset.slashgear.tv%2Fsgtv.php%3Fvkey%3Dd1b237565d8813a34d8a] Slashgear ran the browser on the dual-core 800MHz A5 iPhone 4S against the latest and greatest Galaxy S II with dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm processor (skip ahead 4:30). From the video it looks like the iPhone 4S was faster (as expected). However, in their words… …from initial results the iPhone 4S performs quite well, […]

S-II Stories September 24, 2011

Oh Samsung, you are making this too easy

Having a look at the otherwise impressive Galaxy S II phones from Samsung, I noticed that the USB AC power adapter had a ‘familiar’ feel to it. Turns out, it is almost an exact replica, within a millimeter in every direction.  Compare to their previous USB power adapter.

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