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I’ve never been a Family Sharing user, Apple’s feature that allows families to share iCloud account access for things like photos and music on both iOS and Mac. But I recently decided to upgrade my Apple Music account to a family plan to take advantage of the discount as I encourage family members and friends to try out the service; that required me to activate the Family Sharing feature that Apple uses to manage family plans for Apple Music.

While you can choose to ignore most of the features of Family Sharing — photos, calendars, and reminders can be accessed through shared folders in their respective apps — once it’s activated, there aren’t any granular settings for each member to disable sharing on a per-feature/app basis. But the even bigger issue is that all purchases from any Apple ID in the family go to a single credit card of the admin (or parent) of the group. In other words, I’m now paying for every app, song, book, or anything else that my family group members purchase from Apple on top of the subscription costs for Apple Music.

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There were lots of hints that Steve Jobs was interested in changing the way we all access the internet on the devices he helped create. Back in 2011 there were reports that Apple considered developing its own network for the original iPhone that could potentially replace traditional carrier services using Wi-Fi spectrum. Before that rumours claimed Jobs was interested in Fon, a WiFi sharing service that encourages users to share wireless internet access with others. Today, Walt Mossberg from ReCode shares another story about Jobs’ interest in a world of shared Wi-Fi, describing a conversation between the two where Jobs shared his vision of making free Wi-Fi the norm: expand full story

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Internal Sam’s Club listing shows Verizon Shared Data plan still on track for summer

Verizon’s shared data plan has been known since CFO Andrew Davies announced the news on the company’s call with investors in late April—along with many other rumors that developed over the past year. It will allow Verizon customers to share data between their iPhone, iPad, or with the rest of their family’s devices. Davies said it will be available by mid-summer.

According to a screenshot of an internal listing from Sam’s Club, which was given to 9to5Mac by a tipster, the plan to roll out shared data still seems to be on track for a mid-summer release. The note said the plan would be similar to how customers “share minutes today.”

In March, PhoneArena leaked a screenshot of the family data usage calculator to estimate how much data is used on your plan. There is no word on how much data will be provided, or how much it will even cost. However, according to the screenshot below, it looks like it will extend to 30 GB and beyond.

For those on AT&T, you will also be able to use a similar plan soon. Just last week, AT&T CEO of Mobile Business Ralph de la Vega told CNET that a shared data plan is on its way. When it came to the carrier’s profit from the plan, he said, “I’m very comfortable with the plan that will be offered to our customers.” Carriers, of course, make bank off data plans.

It is great to know things are still on track, and we will let you know when these types of plans launch in the near future. Is anyone interested?

Cheers, Phoenix!

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