speakerphone Stories March 21, 2015

Apple has made a small, but helpful, change in the way that iOS 8.3 can make phone calls via Siri. With the launch of iOS 8.0 last fall, Apple added a feature to Siri that allows users to activate the service hands-free by saying the phrase “Hey Siri” if┬áthe phone is plugged into power. However, if a user asked Siri to make a phone call via the “Hey Siri” hands-free command, the call would strangely not automatically transfer to speakerphone. Based on our tests, this will change in iOS 8.3. As can be seen in the screenshots above, if a user asks Siri to make a phone call through speakerphone, the call will actually be made on speaker phone…

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speakerphone Stories October 21, 2013

Logitech Mobile Speakerphone P710e turns your iOS device into a mobile conference room

Logitech’s new Mobile Speakerphone P710e accessory for smartphones and tablets looks to bring enterprise-quality audio to your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The device is highly portable creating an on-the-go conference room without sounding like you’re on speakerphone.

Check out more information here and the full press release below:

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