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As expected, Apple has announced new Siri features for its iOS 8 mobile operating system, including the ability to analyze and identify songs automatically with recognition powered by Shazam. You can also purchase iTunes content directly from Siri, and dictate text in 22 new languages.

Also included is a feature that recently hit the iPhone through a jailbreak tweak that allows you to summon the iPhone’s assistant by saying “Hey, Siri.”

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11 Responses to “Apple announces new Siri features, including Shazam integration and “hey, Siri” always-on mode”

  1. Any news on which languages?


  2. I am curious too. Which are the new languages?


  3. hakanwettero says:

    I really hope swedish is one of the new siri languages!!


  4. Yeah, any info about the languages will be much appreaciated!


  5. rettun1 says:

    I got the impression that it was only while plugged in. Craig gave the example of somebody using it a car, and specifically mentioned that they plugged it in to charge.


  6. The Beta version of iOS 8 don’t include the new languages for Siri, so it’s hard to tell right now…


  7. Tiago Ermida says:

    Portuguese maybe????


  8. @daniel rufus kaldheim

    Thaks for the info…. I hope for danish dictation


  9. in beta 4 Hey Siri won’t works

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