Spectacles Stories June 11, 2018

Snapchat messaging has always been ephemeral in nature with chat logs disappearing moments after being opened, but what about taking back messages that you regret sending before they’re opened? Now you can do that with Snapchat’s new clear chat feature! Snapchat is also making it easier to buy its photo and video capturing shades…

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Spectacles Stories April 26, 2018

Snap’s first attempt at Spectacles were rather an, uh, spectacular failure. The company lost $40M after ending up with hundreds of thousands of unsold units.

An FCC filing earlier this month showed that the company wasn’t giving up, however, with the company’s CEO confirming yesterday that it would be releasing a new model this week. That model has launched today with a number of enhancements …

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Spectacles Stories December 14, 2016

Get prescription lenses for your Snapchat Spectacles for $29, no mail-in required

When Snapchat Spectacles were first announced, the question of prescription lenses came up early on for anyone that already wears glasses. The Spectacles seemed great, but wearing regular glasses underneath them would just be absurd. Snapchat’s recommendation was to consult an optician to get the lenses replaced. Today, GlassesUSA.com is announcing the availability of Rx single vision lenses for the Spectacles, with no mail-in required.

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