The new St. Patrick’s Day update to the blockbuster puzzler has gone live today for iOS and Android devices, with Palm and Nokia following soon. It is bound to spoil you with an entirely new level pack containing brand spanking new puzzles to solve, bonus content and the unmistakable, charming humor that turned Angry Birds into such a high-grossing entertainment franchise (video below). Also, Angry Birds Rio is coming later this month.


It’s “the greenest update of them all,” says Rovio Mobile, the brains behind the Angry Birds series. The game maker is promising hidden surprises and bonus content, in addition to 15 new levels and “fun in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.” You will get this new content via the Angry Birds Seasons update, now live on the App Store and free of charge for existing Angry Birds Seasons owners. It’s also on Android Market, with Palm and Nokia releases following “soon.” If you already own the Angry Birds game, you should consider the separate Seasons app which gets updated with amusing level pack themes released on notable occasions, such as Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Angry Birds Rio, an upcoming movie tie-in, will launch on March 22 with 60 levels featuring the familiar Angry Birds in hilarious new Rio episodes, Rovio confirmed. 20th Century Fox’s Rio the animated movie is arriving in theaters on April 15.

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