Jury deliberations for the much-reported Apple vs. Samsung trial are set to begin this week, and both companies want the nine jurors to complete an intricate exam to determine if a patent was infringed. As The Wall Street Journal first noted, each side created an elaborate worksheet with dozens of multi-part questions:

  • The general principle is that for each device, the jury has to indicate “yes” or “no” for whether a certain patent is infringed.
  • Then there are fill-in-the-blank questions like:  “What is the dollar amount that Samsung is entitled to receive from Apple for Samsung’s utility patent infringement claims on the ’516 and ’941 patents?” Fun stuff.
  • The jurors must be unanimous to determine whether a patent was infringed.

Judge Lucy Koh will decide on the final form to be presented to the jury.

Check out both proposed verdict forms below (via WSJ).

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Apple’s form:

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Samsung’s form:

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