9to5Mac has once again scoured the App Store for all the latest app launches, price drops, noteworthy news, and updates, and we have compiled everything in a roundup below. Check it out, but keep coming back as we continually refresh the list throughout the day.

Just Released

1. Fly Delta for iPad | Free
Airliner Delta just released the iPad version of its Fly Delta app on the App Store. It allows flyers to browse destinations, plan trips, compare flights, view seat maps, purchase on-board amenities like Wi-Fi, view fly-over photos, download Sky magazines, destination-related music, and movies from iTunes while flying, manage SkyMiles account, check-in to flight, pay for check bags, get flight status, and track flights.


1. Fly Delta for iPhoneFree
Version 2.0 of Delta’s travel companion app now allow users to find, compare and book flights, add eBoarding Pass to Passbook, purchase on-board amenities like Wi-Fi, manage trips and transactions, and customize travel preferences. The app is also now optimized for iPhone 5.

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More Updates

2. Stair Dismount Free
Version 2.7.1 of this acrobatic-like simulation game features the following changes:

  •  New limited time free level: Revolting Doors!
  • More Game Center achievements
  • Achievements accessible in main menu
  • Updated high score gratification

3. 1Password | $7.99
Version 4.1 landed with a ton of new features, including:

  • Improved Dropbox and iCloud syncing.
  • Added support for USB sync utility (current in beta testing on Mac, see AgileBits blog for details).
  • Improved Master Password and Quick Unlock Code settings.
  • Added Display Settings. Added font options and colors for better display of passwords.
  • Tapping tab icon twice on iPad will now take you to the root view.
  • It is no longer needed to tap-and-hold on rows in the item detail view to show the menu. Now can simply tap to show the menu.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes in the built-in web browser.
  • Added option to copy current URL.
  • Improved search. Now always showing search bar.
  • Added item search in portrait orientation on iPad.
  • Attachments are now shown in Secure Notes.
  • Added support for ophttp:// and ophttp:// URLs. To open 1Password from Mobile Safari, simply type ‘op’ in front of the address.
  • Added support for onepassword://search/search_text to open 1Password and perform search.
  • Added Czech, Danish, Hebrew and Polish translations.
  • Many more bug fixes and improvements.

4. Path | Free
Version 2.9.1  added a new Search function so users can “rediscover memories on Path by season, moment-type, holidays, weather, dates, people, places, nearby, and more!” The update also includes performance improvements and bug fixes.

5. WordPress | Free
Version 3.3.1 is now live and fixes “the most common crashes and multiple bugs.”

6. Netflix | Free
Version 2.4.4 of this video subscription app went out last night, but it only includes unspecified bug fixes.

7. Wheel of Fortune | $2.99
Version 1.0.1 of this popular TV show game corrected the puzzle on the bottom row that used to crash, and the update fixed a game-save issue that prevented progression in solo mode.

8. Doodle Jump | 99 cents
Version 3.3.1 of this iOS game features “minor bug fixes.”


1. Rovio
The brains behind Angry Birds and Bad Piggies just announced it saw more 263 million monthly active users in December. Check out Rovio’s blog post for more details.

Price Drops

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