A long time ago, I would Photoshop my iPhone background with ICE (In Case of Emergency) information since my contacts are locked behind a passcode. It’s obvious how this solution became a hassle after I decided to switch my background a few times.

In comes the free activICE app. After the initial configuration, the app will use iOS’s built-in background geolocation services to check if you are in a hospital. If you do not deactivate the app’s alert system, it will push out a slew of notifications with your ICE contacts and important health information.

The app also provides in-app subscriptions for their notification system. Once purchased, you can configure up to 5 contacts to receive SMS or email messages with your hospital location (given you don’t deactivate the alert system).

If you’re looking for added comfort in your life and don’t want to go crazy ‘shopping your background every few weeks, be sure to check out activICE in the App Store.

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