Apple-Store-app-iconFollowing our report that Apple would be rolling out an updated Apple Store app today, the company has just updated the iPhone app to Version 2.7. The updated app includes several performance improvements, one of which brings improved product search capabilities. Apple is also working on a feature that would display offers to download free content to users while in the App Store, but it’s unclear if this version of the app includes that functionality. It’s possible the functionality is only displayed to users when inside an Apple Store location, or the update lacks the content because it requires a yet-to-happen server-side push.

Earlier this month, we reported that Apple was working on a new initiative at Apple Stores that would encourage Apple store employees to install the Apple Store app on newly purchased iPhones. The new version of the app would also then promote content from iTunes, the App Store, and iBooks by offering users the ability to download content free for a limited time.

Below is a screenshot from an Apple source showing Apple’s internal documents detailing free content downloads and other new features:


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