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Three weeks following the previous seed, Apple has released iOS 7 beta 4 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to registered developers. The release follows Apple’s Developer Portal going back online late last week following an 8 day outage. The new seed is available via the over-the-air Software Update function in the iOS Settings app.

The previous beta release brought several user-facing changes (video here), including a sharper system-wide font, interface enhancements to Safari, Calendar, App Store, and Music, as well as improvements to Home screen folder transparency, a functional built-in dictionary tool, and more improvements to Siri’s more realistic voices.

A download link and claims regarding this new beta emerged earlier this morning. As the public release of iOS 7 approaches this fall, it is likely that beta 4 will continue providing interface and stability enhancements.

If you find anything new in this beta, you can let us know at We will keep updating this post with a running change log of findings (below):

Lock screen is no longer confusing:

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 10.24.13 AM

– Call button in Phone dialer is tweaked:

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 10.31.20 AM

– Phone answer buttons tweaked:

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 10.34.15 AM


Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 10.34.49 AM

HDR in camera re-located:


– You can now swipe between panels in Notification Center

– Tweaks to image download in

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 11.17.40 AM

– Safari graphics tweaks:

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 10.43.22 AM

Tweaked filters UI (and added for some older iPhone models):


Search bar in Reminders:

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 10.45.43 AM

– Readers reporting minor keyboard tweaks

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 10.57.21 AM

– Improved back buttons in setup:

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 10.49.47 AM

– New AirPlay icons:

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 11.40.22 AM

– Slight UI tweak to Newsstand:


– Shuffle all songs is back:

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 10.51.56 AM

– Improved animations and transparency in folders on the Home screen.

– New iPad resolution changing button while running iPhone-only apps:

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 10.53.33 AM

– Completed uploads notifications:

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 10.56.47 AM

–  Siri Q/A


– Choose a sound for AirDrop alerts:

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 11.42.05 AM

– Faster calibration in Compass.

– iPad multitasking now supports unlimited apps. Previous betas capped it at 10 open apps.

– Video of snappier animations

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213 Responses to “iOS 7 beta 4 seeded to developers: Tweaks to Lock screen, Spotlight, Phone, Folders, Siri”

  1. phvme says:

    New flat Twitter Icon in the Settings App & Share Button


  2. My biggest complaint is that you cannot quick post to Twitter/Facebook from the home screen like you could in iOS 6


  3. I want to see the Twitter and Facebook widgets back to Notifications Center!!!!…

    A lot of things have been fixed/improved!

    1- Messages doesn’t crash when you take a pic or choose an existing one to send.
    2- When you kill the app you’re currently using from Multi-Tasking the background does not go black.
    3- In Game Center you can now remove the turn based games if you arenot interested, which in turn makes the badge disappear.

    A lot more stability fixes, still exploring :) Love the new UI tweaks and Maps etc etc… Love Playlists in Music app!


  4. huf (@huf) says:

    Bolder font! Check accesibility
    Apparently I’m visually impaired, because I’m keeping it this way!


  5. You can lock your notification in the control center


  6. eurosdr says:

    New App download icon has been updated with new graphic that shows the app icon with download clock overlay.


  7. jhudson says:

    First time I plugged beta 4 into my computer after the phone rebooted it asked me if I wanted to “Trust this computer”. That seems new. Since I was at work I said no and while you can see the phone, the pictures folder is empty.


  8. ramherrera says:

    an awesome thing of this update, is that you can close active apps way, WAY faster.


  9. cpatch says:

    I’m not sure if this change is new or from the previous beta, but overlay text is now solid instead of translucent, which makes it MUCH easier to read, especially over a light background.


  10. My phone answer screen has lost the “Decline” button. Trying a restart to see if it comes back.


  11. A really minor change, but the Weather app icon has a darker blue gradient:


  12. The Color Scheme Of Message and Facetime and Phone also changed. became darker and better. like it


  13. macman81blog says:

    I love the AirPlay Mirror Option for iPhone. Works great in portrait or landscape.


  14. timmychunks says:

    The center button on headphone remotes does not seem to be working to pause/resume playback or to take a picture.


  15. Josh Axelson says:

    I’ve noticed that the Mail app, for example, will update while in the multitasking ‘card’ view – you’ll actually see a little flicker when a push email comes in and the ‘card’ will update in the background. A good little peak feature, this will clearly make its way to apps in the future so you can see new content from a quick glance in multitasking.


  16. What is the use of having access to Camera in two places?
    1. In lock screen bottom right corner, we have one camera
    2. In control center we have one more camera (which is useless)


    • dpacemaker says:

      Makes sense to me. The lockscreen one is there so you can get to it without having to unlock first. The one in control center is there so you can use it when your in an app, or on the last page when your camera may be on the first.


    • phvme says:

      Yeah I think Apple could kill the Lockscreen Camera if you have the Control Center enabled in Lockscreen.


      • totencough says:

        Two reasons. The first is consistency (carry over from iOS 6, familiar territory for users). The second is less friction. In Control Center, the camera access is great for when you’re in an app or far from the camera app icon. However, on the lock screen, accessing the Camera app would mean swiping up for CC, then tapping on the button. It’s two motions vs. one. Those two motions are faster in others situations, but still the fastest access to the Camera app from lock screen would be the swipe up functionality.


    • griffinjar says:

      Not really there fella. If it was only I the lock screen while you are using an app or just had your phone unlocked you would need to lock your phone them press the home button to get to the lock screen access. Visa versa; when in lock screen you would swipe up for control centre then tap the camera. Having both buttons available vastly reduces the moves required to get the camera ready.

      It does look funny having the camera on these two places but when you have a two year old doing random stupid stuff with no notice, quick access makes for some great pics for the mother-in-law!


  17. stewthom says:

    You can now change the default text size in Settings >> General >> Text Size.


  18. Thank god you brought back the music shuffle all!


  19. Now you can use dynamics wallpaper in home screen also.


  20. Since the developers forum is still down. I want to report that in Beta 4, functional built-in dictionary is no longer working.


  21. my iPhone is restarted when i connected it to sync with iTunes on windows 7.


  22. 1. Observed phone restart when I accessed deleted event which was displayed under ‘Today’ section.
    2. iphone is restarting after accessing notifications on lock screen (slide down).


  23. David Devine says:

    In safari to close tabs swipe left…..


  24. Jim Phong says:

    Lock Screen : ugly. Poor, there is no design at all. Anyone could do that. What work they did?

    Phone Dialer: atrocious, simply awful! “minimalist” design they call that? It’s the same crap Microsoft did with the awful MetroUI. Thanks to Tim Cook the lame Microsoft nonsense infected Apple too. Where the heck is there any design at all? Where is the Apple style there ?

    Safari: poor. How to ruin a working browser, even that they managed to mess up.

    Image download in mail app: more minimalist nonsense. It’s a really really poor “design”.

    Lock Screen and Phone Dialer need to be completely designed, because this crap is not a design at all, It’s crap.


    • kalanhowse says:

      Have you ever tried to design something…? Also do you even have iOS 7


    • nolanhicks says:

      I guess you’re not a very big fan of minimalist UIs (which is fine…different strokes for different folks). This is beautiful design in my opinion…very clean and modern. The only thing that I’m really not crazy about so far in the iOS 7 UI is the transparent rows on newstand and iBooks (just looks kinda cheap to me personally) and the similar transparent bar for the dock. I’m also not crazy about the safari and game center icons. Other than that though, I think this is an amazing update to the design and workflow of iOS. If you hate how something looks…state your reasons…we can all benefit from your thoughts that way. You are completely welcome to your own opinion…but please don’t just say everything is crap…nobody really wants to read that.


    • cpatch says:

      Dude…uninstall it then and shut the hell up.


    • griffinjar says:

      Please leave this blog. I strongly advise you to set up a private blog or thread for these personal opinions. This is for pointing out additions to iOS 7 beta 4 not your thoughts on a white circle.


    • Ever wondered Jim Phong rhyming with Sams”o”ng??


  25. This beta looks good… I think i should try it..


  26. tenormasta says:

    Hey, everyone! Just discovered this change to Messages! If you swipe and hold to the left in a conversation you can see the time at which a message was sent or received. I’ve been wanting this FOREVER!


  27. @markgurman The new iOs 7 beta 4 also removes Flashlight from Control center
    Secondly this is the best iOS 7.. I really like the Lockscreen Improvements and ability to swipe the notification center as the iPhone 5 is tall, is harder to reach at top of the screen…


  28. Jim Phong says:

    @kalanhowse: stop trying to defend crap designs. Anyone can place a bunch of circles on a white screen. You don’t need a degree “to design” that. “Minimalist” approach meaning lazy it’s just what Steve Jobs didn’t like for a very good reason. The only minimalist thing Jobs wanted were the products boxes to reduce shipping costs and that’s it. But he never wanted any of Apple products to look poor and cheap.
    iOS 7 has too many nonsense “minimalist” things that just look ugly like the atrocious Microsoft Metro/ModernUI and most Android UIs.
    Where the heck is any design skill in something like that Phone Dialer ? There is nothing difficult to create there, there is nothing complex that looks simple to the end user. It looks poor and cheap to end user. It doesn’t even seem an alpha nor a concept of proof!


    • dlittlefair1 says:

      Steve Job’s whole philosophy was based on that which Leonardo Davinci first quoted “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, You are completely incorrect in everything you have just said, I’d like to see you trying to design an interface as beautiful as any of the iOS’s have been. You don’t ‘need’ a degree to design, but most of the designers at Apple have, and it definitely helps, it helped me enormously, which is why i can appreciate that design is not just the way it looks, but the way it works also.


  29. Another thing I have noticed is that when you press and hold the new email compose button it now will show you your drafts or give you the option of composing a new message


  30. dlittlefair1 says:

    I think I’ve found a bug, my EarPods won’t let me pause or skip a track, i can change the volume up and down however. This occurs on my iPhone and iPad, but works on my MacBook. Strange.


  31. phillipsvb8 says:

    Not sure if you could do this in the previous betas but I just found out that you can play the YouTube video audio in the background again by just pressing play in control center after pressing home to leave the video. I have been waiting to do that for a long time.


  32. Jim Phong says:

    @nolanhicks: I keep saying that it’s crap because it looks crap. A design that anyone could draw with ease it’s crap. Period. And don’t go on with “the artist’s touch” nonsense, please.
    What the heck is the Phone Dialer page with those silly circles on a white background ? A 5 year old would design something better, at least give it some colour and shadows!
    “minimalist” here it’s just lazy and bad. And when something is lazy looks cheap and ugly.
    It’s a fact.
    I don’t care if you work for Tim Cook. This UI design “minimalist” thing must be changed or Apple is in big trouble.
    Ruining iOS all of a sudden from its excellent fine tuned UI design with many tiny features and textures, transparencies, patterns and 3D look turning it into this lazy “minimalistic” joke is beyond stupid.
    Tim Cook must really work for the competition, ruining iOS trying to make it look like another bad Android UI or Microsoft Metro/ModernUI crap nonsense.


    • phillipsvb8 says:

      You’re being “that guy” don’t be “that guy” if you really hate it that much just don’t download it and leave it at that. Nothing you say about it will change the fact that they will release it in the fall. So keep your hate comments to yourself on this blog because it wasn’t meant for people like you. It was meant for people to understand what has been changed in the new beta and that’s it. No one wants to see your comments.


    • dlittlefair1 says:

      Shadows? Do you think design is done with word art? You have no taste, I sincerely hope you stick with windows or android because your opinion is completely off, and nobody agrees with you. I personally don’t think you understand what elegance is, the phone dialler is beautiful, and the colour is adaptable from the background you have on your phone, which glows through as you press it. I’m baffled by your views on this. Please design a better one and post it on here for us to see.


  33. phillipsvb8 says:

    Has anyone else noticed better service reception on beta 4? I have never had this great of service at this location ever before I download beta 4.


  34. bluenosesam says:

    Absolutely hate surname initial hope they change back, what if u have contact with same name and surname initial?


  35. Why the hell the default wallpaper (stars above the universe) is different from the publicized one in the video during presentation?


  36. I wish apple would implement a “choose default app” option in future updates. Most people now tend to use 3rd party apps instead of the pre installed ones like google maps instead of the apple maps, whatsapp instead of messages for instance. It would be nice to have the option to set the default apps within settings for various tasks.


  37. My screen is not as responsive with this release. I’ve had iPhone for years and have always scrolled the same way and now the screen thinks I’m trying to click on something when I’m actually trying to scroll. And Safari is taking forever to load, even on fast connections. Battery use is much better though on Verizon iPhone 5.


  38. Was very disappointed to see the change in the Accept and Decline buttons for the phone app. I was a huge fan of the edge to edge and transparent look of the buttons. I understand the compromise on the font thickening though in light of the usability issues people were facing–though the lighter font was certainly more refreshing and attractive.


  39. In Safari on iPad, if you swipe from the leff or the right of the screen you go to the previous or next web page without having to tap the arrows up top!


  40. Snapchat screenshot issue resolved.


  41. smack72 says:

    Seems like a group of software devs talking about software releases in a positive light. Refreshing, and a lot of the comments on here were very helpful. Apart from ‘that guy’. Just wanted to say thanks.


  42. How come they removed the possibility to call someone directly from the sms app? Having to click contacts first is an extra click too much.

    Also – adding new contacts seem a bit more tricky than before. And when looking into a specific contact, the call or sms-buttons are way too small. ¨

    Otherwise – a lot better in so many ways!


  43. It seems that the “transparency” of the control center & notification center isn’t working, the Notification center is completely black, and the control center is gray, has anyone else noticed this?


  44. The center button on headphone remotes does not seem to be working i am unable to play/pause/resume music it was working fine in ios 7 beta 3. But after the updated its not.


  45. Sarah Starr says:

    great update. my phone charges faster, but my recent contacts I added a few months ago and not there all the old ones are. -=/


  46. The wallpaper size algorithm makes the images larger and pixelated when applied to the bg and ls


  47. @Jim Phong

    “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

    Minimalism is not “lazy” design. It takes work to strip something down to the bare essentials and not have to add anything more.


  48. you’ve missed the translucent of folders. beautiful on beta 3. now back to ugly grey. hopefully fixed for beta 5


  49. why the hell my camera flashlight is not working in beta 4