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Alongside the iOS 7 beta 4 and iTunes 11.1 with iTunes Radio betas, Apple has provided developers with a new Apple TV OS 5.4 seed. Below are the release notes. Thanks to everyone who sent this in. 

A tipster sent in the video below showing that iTunes music purchasing has returned in the latest beta, a feature that was only available on the first generation Apple TV:

Fixed in Seed 3

• Apple TV may not connect to the Internet on first boot after an iTunes Restore when using Ethernet.
• Music playback may skip over tracks when AirPlay is engaged.
• AirPlay of audio from the Music app may fail to start up properly.
• Attempting to delete a station in iTunes Radio may cause Apple TV to crash.
• Switching between Apple IDs may cause music libraries to fail to load.
• Audio volume may increase dramatically during AirPlay.
• When using AirPlay to send music to Apple TV, advancing to the next track may fail.
• You may notice these issues when fast-forwarding 3rd party content:
• Audio continues to play while video is fast-forwarding.
• Resuming playback after fast-forwarding can result in a temporarily stuck video frame.
• Apple TV may become sluggish or unresponsive immediately after signing in to an iTunes Store account.
• iTunes Match or Purchased music content may not be listed alphabetically. Use Search as an alternative for finding content.