With the lower-cost iPhone supposedly already in production, in time for launch later this year, the likelihood of parts leaking can only increase.  Earlier today, iPhone5skopen posted images of supposed front panels for the cheaper device. As shown by previous leaks, the faceplate is almost identical to an iPhone 5 with a plastic body being the main differentiating factor in the product lineup.

Now, Chinese site IT168 has posted pictures of supposed camera modules for this device  (via MacRumors). The site claims the sensor is the same as the one found in the iPhone 5, being 8 megapixels in resolution, albeit in a plastic casing. The inclusion of an eight megapixel sensor, rather than a five megapixel one as some expect, gives more weight to the idea this device is by no means a “budget” product. Recent reports have put the ‘cheap’ iPhone in a mid-range price bracket, around $350.

In light of previous reports of new camera features in iOS 7 and the possibility of dual-LED flashes included in the iPhone 5S, Apple is headed for a product cycle centered around advancements in camera quality.


Image of iPhone faceplate from iphone5skopen

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2 Responses to “More part leaks indicate lower-cost iPhone will feature 8 megapixel camera”

  1. PMZanetti says:

    I’m sure the $0 version will feature a 5 MP camera & 8 GB of storage. The $99 model will feature the same 8 MP camera in the iPhone 5 and have 16 GB of storage. The $99 is going to be an iPhone 5, for all intents and purposes, wrapped in an unibody ploy shell.

    The $0 version is also bound to be an iPhone 5, with the hardware exception of the camera (camera will be the same 5 MP isight found on iPad mini) and will come in the unique 8 GB of storage to keep cost down.


  2. Tim Miller says:

    I wish they would’ve used an 8MP camera to take a picture of this 8MP camera… seriously, what’s with all this blurry crap?