A new report from Quartz today offers some details on Apple’s content negotiations for a much rumored revamped Apple TV. Most of the report echoes what we’ve heard several times in the past– Apple is apparently talking with HBO, Disney, MTV and others about a new TV service. According to Quartz, it could include a pay TV service that would see Apple “essentially becoming a cable company itself,” as well as the release of a “full-fledged television set”:

One alternative being considered is that Apple could essentially become a cable company itself. Under that scenario, sources say, Apple would launch what is formally known as a virtual multichannel video programming distributor. Apple is still interested in striking deals with cable companies that would allow people to plug their cable lines into the back of the TV set, bypassing a cable box, sources say. But at least two years of negotiations haven’t progressed very far.

Sources say Apple has concluded that it doesn’t need all, even most, content providers on board before it can release a TV set that people would buy. It just needs enough good programming to distinguish the new product, which will try to simplify the experience of connecting internet video to the TV.

The report doesn’t offer up any details that we didn’t hear around this same time last year (and the year before that), but it appears Apple could be closer to reaching the deals it needs to launch the next-generation of Apple TV. Earlier today we reported that former Hulu SVP Pete Distad has now officially started his new role at Apple as Product Marketing VP and is thought to be leading Apple executives through negotiations with cable and media companies. 

Apple also confirmed this month that it acquired Matcha, a video programming recommendation app that lets users browse across services like Netflix, iTunes, HBO and Hulu. Some speculate Matcha could help power recommendations on a new Apple TV.

Another recent report claimed Apple was proposing to pay media companies for ads that users skip on the rumored TV service.

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4 Responses to “Report: Apple negotiating w/ media companies for pay TV service, working on full-fledged TV set”

  1. Apple TV? LoL!!! When Steve Jobs said he ‘cracked it’, the only thing he cracked was his knuckles!


  2. Apple better allow VUDU and Amazon on their TV!!!!


  3. When every manufacturers heard of iWatch is on the way, everyone makes watches… droid watch, sony watch, samsung watch and everyone just failed like shits.. when Apple makes TV, everyone comes out “smart” tv with shitty handicapped, half-baked and lag OS and gestures, motions… If apple makes toilet, everyone will definitely comes out with “smart” toilet..