iPhone 5

From 9to5Toys.com:

Today only, Virgin Mobile is offering prepaid iPhones at up to 20% off. These are some of the best price we’ve seen and the lowest price from this carrier by as much as $110. You can pick up the 16GB iPhone 5 starting at just $440. The 8GB iPhone 4 is available for $280 and the 16GB 4S is $360 right now as well. This discounted prices will appear once the item is added to your cart. Also you must be transferring from another carrier.

Apple iPhone 5 16GB: $439.99 (Reg. $550)
Apple iPhone 5 32GB: $519.99 (Reg. $650)
Apple iPhone 5 64GB: $599.99 (Reg. $750)

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3 Responses to “Virgin is selling iPhones at next month’s prices (20% off), iPhone 5 starts at $440 unsubsidized”

    • dakotadallen says:

      It is not unlocked, and Virgin will not unlock the SIM slot for international use. By purchasing this phone, you’re making the conscience decision to chain yourself to Virgin Mobile.


  1. Having been a Virgin user in NJ, I find the service to be very poor in terms of reception and 3G data speeds. To me it is not worth it to spend over $400 for a phone that will not work as expected on their network. Their cheap flip phones and sub-$100 Android phones ok. Because for as little as $35 a month, you have workable service.