iPhone 5S Inside

In what seems to be a never-ending string of “gold” iPhone 5S part leaks, new high-quality videos analyze what appear to be legitimate rear shells for the upcoming iPhone 5S

In the video above, Jonathan from TLDToday compares the internal structure of the iPhone 5S casing to that of the iPhone 5, pointing out notable changes and additions that make the current iPhone assembly incompatible with the new case. Notably, the area reserved for the battery has increased in volume, with the logic board screws being repositioned, reducing the amount of space for the logic board and chipset. This isn’t unprecedented, considering that ‘S’ model phones typically focus on under-the-hood improvements, rather than user-facing design changes. Also of note in the video is the iPhone 5S’s enlarged LED flash cutout, leaving room for the previously mentioned dual-LED flash.

In another video from DetroitBORG, we see the iPhone 5S shell compared not only to the iPhone 5, but to the ‘iPhone 5C’ casing as well. Of note here is the size difference between the 5S and 5C, with the lower cost model being noticeably larger in all dimensions when compared to the iPhone 5S. This gold casing also features chamfered edges which are anodized silver, not gold, leading to the assumption that this casing is certainly an early prototype or an unfinished design. Like in previous leaks, we can also see the thinner font being used on the back of the casing, in line with Apple’s initiatives for iOS 7.

Finally, in the third video above, we get a look at the recently speculated graphite edition of the iPhone 5S. While visually similar to the black and slate iPhone 5, the graphite edition is noticeably, but not dramatically lighter in color. It’s worth noting that early slate iPhone 5 prototypes were much lighter in color as well, and more closely resembled this graphite version.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5S and lower-cost, colored iPhone 5C at its upcoming September 10th event.

More gold iPhone shell photos can be found below, courtesy of TLDToday. 

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8 Responses to “Gold, Graphite iPhone 5S shells shown on video, structure compared to iPhone 5”

  1. There’s one thing I like already, if this comes to be true: more battery life.
    Yay to that!


  2. Again … Hilarious that “Jonathan from TLDToday” has no idea how to properly open a cardboard box, and uses a giant knife that he also doesn’t know how to use properly or safely. These videos should be labelled “douchebag with giant knife tries to open boxes.”


    • Hey brother, before you insult people maybe pay attention that “Jonathan from TLDtoday” wasn’t the unboxing video because obviously you don’t know how to properly ingest information from an article.


      • rahhbriley says:

        He may not have been the one in the unboxing video, and I’m not trying to insult him, but he could have saved time and face by looking at all the detailed photos of the iPhone 5 internals before ripping one apart to “discover” the screws have been moved. The side by side comparison was still nice but I truly think he seems a bit ignorant to have not know the logic board of a 5 would not fit in a 5S housing. Look at the 5S, then go to ifixit and look at the internals of a 5 and realize they’re different. Durh.


  3. My feeling is that the iPhone 5S will only come out in white/gold and black/graphite to differentiate it from the iPhone 5.


  4. cheurlin says:

    I dont even care, i just want iOS 7 on my current iPhone 5 to be available not as beta…


  5. ec ever says:

    I saw a blog that says the same thing, the iPhone 5 back and iPhone 5S back housing are totally different.