Following several recent reports claiming that Apple was preparing to introduce a new gold color option for the next iPhone in addition to multiple color options rumored for a new low-cost iPhone, today MacBoutic (via Engadget) posted images allegedly showing the gold-colored back casing for the device.

Yesterday KGI’s Mingchi Kuo was the first reliable source to report that a next-generation iPhone would include “golden casing” alongside a new 128GB option. Previously, less reliable sources claimed also claimed that Apple had a gold iPhone in the works. Kuo also added that the next-generation iPhone will include “a sapphire home photo_3_iPhone_5S_Coque_Chassis_Orbutton with fingerprint  sensor,” something we’ve heard several times in recent months.

Curiously, the source of today’s photos says it “deliberately blurred the “Apple” logo and the words “iPhone” on the back” of the device.” It’s worth pointing out that we have no way to confirm if these are the real deal (we’ve certainly seen a lot of fakes floating around), and it’s easy to get your hands on color conversions that typically don’t include the Apple logo and other iPhone markings.

The site also claims to have some shots of the iPhone 5S’s proximity sensor, speaker, vibrating motor, and more.

A gold color option doesn’t seem to be something that fits in with what we’ve seen from Apple’s design team in recent years, but we’ll have to wait until early next month to find out for sure.

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20 Responses to “New photos claim to show Apple’s rumored gold color option for iPhone 5S”

  1. Sorry, but people who believe that Apple will introduce a gold iPhone are just to stupid, and not really Applefans. This will not happen and we all know it! :)


    • PMZanetti says:

      Is that so? Actually it has long been rumored that Apple would produce a Gold colored iPhone. And today Kuo stated he believes one is coming. That guy is typically 95% accurate. Get ready to have your I-Know-What-Apple-Would-Do world crumbled.


      • mkimid says:

        Actually, less than half even include a kind of generic/political expression. Such as “Maybe, new iPad will be smaller, lighter” anybody can say and it will be true in Any situation


  2. Gold? Seriously? I have a tough time believing that Apple would go with such a pretentious color.


  3. Paul Herron says:

    This is the tackiest looking thing I have ever seen!


  4. Lori Cavaco says:

    If Steve Jobs was still alive, I would say definitely no. I have serious doubts about a gold iPhone, but would not say that it will not happen.


  5. funkiphone says:

    I can see this being true. Emerging markets like Russia and China love gold shiny stuff and trying to please them is a must if they want those extra phone sales.


  6. mkimid says:

    It looks like a fake one, why inside color also ? It should be silver


  7. Thought I was on BGR for a moment.


  8. Where is the Apple logo on the back !?


  9. PMZanetti says:

    Clearly the 128 GB model will be exclusively Gold. It has been a while since Apple has had a “social status massaging” device. A 128 GB Gold iPhone 5S would certainly fill that void for the attention-needy. There will be people who get it just because they want to be seen with the ever-so-exclusive Gold iPhone.

    The super rich often develop obsession with having ultra exclusive items, mainly Gold models. Sometimes real gold, some times not, but the Gold symbolizes the status they’re looking to express.


  10. I’d find this surprising. If only one additional color was being added red or silver would make more sense to me as complementary to black and white.


  11. romanmestas says:

    There is no way Apple would make a gold iPhone.. it’s so ugly. If they do it will def be a mistake.


  12. If Apple was to make the gold iPhone only available at 128GB..that would be unfair to other people. Remember that dumb joke, “Racism is when the white iPhone costs more than the black iPhone”? Well that ain’t true…I like the idea of a gold iPhone because I like to show off and I’m proud of it! But if they were to introduce it, they’d be better off making the gold option have all the other GB options the black and white iPhone has.


  13. Lee Palisoc says:

    This will get Samsung’s number 1 spot from world’s ugliest phone.


  14. Trinidad James approves