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Some iOS and OS X app developers may remember that a shiny new bug reporter tool (known by some as Radar) briefly went live before this year’s WWDC. The bug reporter allows users to submit bugs to Apple that are found in Apple’s operating systems, applications, and services.

The new design was faster and a much needed new coat of paint. However, it was bound with several bugs and pulled after a couple of days. Now, the new bug reporter tool is live once again, and developers have noted that it seems to now exist without the omissions and bugs found in the early June version.

Developers tell us that the new design opens up the door for Apple to add new functionality. Additionally, the updated reporter more intuitively informs developers if their bug report has already been submitted. Other new features include improved searching of filed bug reports, more intuitive attaching of files, and the auto-saving (every five minutes) of bug report write-ups.

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8 Responses to “Apple’s bug reporting tool redesign goes live (again), includes improved searching & attachments”

  1. Pity it looks like iOS 6 when iOS 7 is about to go live

    • Just like they just released iWork for iCloud in the old style, even for

    • rahhbriley says:

      They haven’t given OSX the iOS 7 treatment yet so I assume some things over the next year will conflict. It’s just part of a transition phase. Give em a year.

      • Yes but they haven’t given the OSX the iOS 6 treatment, either. Those UI elements in the screenshots are definitely iOS-inspired, not OSX.

      • rahhbriley says:

        True, iCloud does have an iOS inspired theme. I sheepishly over looked that. Though OSX did get the “back to the Mac” series of iOS inspired features. None of them too useful but the linen, launch pad, and other elements were brought from iOS to OSX and the iLife sweet started to look a lot more unified than previous generations. I could imagine iCloud this next year could have a lot of these inconstancies due to OSX and iOS being soooo far apart (at least previously they were a similar theme, though not matching).

      • Let’s hope OS X never gets the iOS treatment.

      • rahhbriley says:

        Lets not forget Back to the Mac. And frankly I do hope OSX does get the iOS treatment, it’s had a lot of attention. I actually like the design language of iOS 7. You may not but people have different taste. Hopefully it grows on you and hopefully they tweak with user feed back as they go. Frankly from a designers point of view, I thought iOS 6 and before were more “of their time” and iOS 7 more timeless, likely due to Dieter Rams’ influence on Ive. You not liking it is important however, as numerous users have not been comfortable with the change either. Hopefully it grows on people like yourself and they don’t alienate users, and/or they adjust to feedback. I’m assuming functionality stays similar, its just a design refresh primarily. To this flip side of people not liking the change, there were just as many people becoming bored with what they thought was becoming a stale UI.

  2. PMZanetti says:

    Going to take a long time to transition everything Apple to the iOS 7 style. It took them this long to redesign bug reporter which previously had a visual interface that went back to…what…Panther?