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BlackBerry’s Messenger (BBM) app for the iPhone and iPod touch was submitted to the App Store two weeks ago, according to a Tweet from a BlackBerry Senior Manager who is working on the software.

Earlier this year, BlackBerry announced that it would be bringing its popular messaging platform beyond its own devices and onto the application stores for both iOS and Android…

Sources say that the BBM for iPhone application is nearly identical to the version on the BlackBerry Z10, but lacks a couple of unspecified features.

While BBM has been in review for 2 weeks, Apple tells developers that it has been approving 99% of submitted apps within 5 business days:

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At the beginning of last month, BlackBerry began inviting users to beta programs for the BBM for Android and iOS apps.

BBM for iOS and Android will be significant for the struggling phone maker amidst rumors that the company may spin off the service into its own firm.

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4 Responses to “BlackBerry Messenger for iPhone submitted to the App Store two weeks ago”

  1., the amount of days has doubled due to the release of ios7 soon , it now takes 10-13 days to approve a app


  2. y3kostiv says:

    Oh this is really cool! I am just wondering on the encoding and security of the messaging, original BB devices are using some cool chip and hardware-generated session keys to encrypt the chat content