In addition to the email from Apple CEO Tim Cook to employees regarding the new iPhones, Apple VP of iOS and iPhone Marketing Greg Joswiak conducted a short Q/A session with employees about the development of the new products.  Joswiak discusses innovation at Apple, his career, and the thinking behind the iPhone 5c. You can see more of the Q/A below:




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9 Responses to “Apple VP Greg Joswiak talks innovation at Apple, thinking behind iPhone 5c with employees”

  1. jimgramze says:

    Looking foqrward to iOS7′ but iy’s too soon for me to upgrade to the 5S, only had my 5 for 2-3 months. When I need a new phone I’ll get the latest and greatest iPhone at that time. I’m ready for the Mac Pro, mine’s 4 years old but still kicking strong. I want the new ports and capabilities and it’s time.

  2. i’m not gonna upgrade this time! I’ve had it. Spend another $ 299.00 plus commit to a 2 year contract FOR THE SAME SIZE SCREEN. NO NO NO! I’m off the Apple bandwagon. Sorry Tim. I’ve got a perfectly beautiful HTC phone with a 5″ screen, which runs on my Verizon account that I’ll switch to some time this year. I’m not going to spend anymore of my money on incremental upgrades just to have the latest one.

  3. Bart Breslow says:

    Who is this troll who says he’s not going to spend anymore of my money on incremental upgrades just to have the latest one. HTC, Samsung and others come out with new phones every 3 months, who is he kidding!

  4. I’m disappointed in the iPhone 5c price. I’m talking strictly in the context of unlocked iPhones (i’m done with carrier contracts). The cheapest model is almost $600 (sales tax included). Based on my current usage with my 4S, 16GB won’t cut it for me so I’d be looking at ~$700 for it. I was hoping/expecting the models to range between $300-$500 given this was supposedly to be aimed at emerging markets.

    I have a 4S on Verizon and I need to upgrade because Verizon’s 3G network has really gone to crap in my area (just plain unbearable at times) as they’ve been pushing LTE. I was hoping to be able upgrade to the 5c at a very competitive price but it’s only $100 cheaper than the flagship phone. I say “only” because, again, I thought this thing was supposed to be Apple’s competitor to lower cost phones and used to attack emerging markets/areas that don’t have subsidizing contracts. In my eyes it’s still pretty darn close to the flagship phone in terms of cost and not very competitive from that perspective and that’s disappointing. I can pass on the 5S. I’d honestly rather wait for the traditional “full” upgrade with perhaps a larger screen next fall but I do need the LTE now and I was really hoping to get a blue/black iPhone 5c for a more competitive price than I’m seeing.

  5. hatfinch says:

    “Apple VP Greg Joswiak talks … thinking behind iPhone 5c.” He does nothing of the sort; he completely ignores the question and just repeats the marketing messages we’ve already heard. What a misleading headline.

  6. Chris Wade says:

    The problem is that there is no innovation here, simply Apple trying to catch up to the competition and failing to even do that. And this is coming from someone who loves Apple products.

  7. I think the 5C is the low cost phone phone people want Apple to make. It was just take a year for the “C” model to get to lower tier where I think it will stay. For example: