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Microsoft has recently kicked off a new campaign that offers iPad users a $200 Microsoft Store gift card to trade-in their Apple tablet. While the gift card is applicable to any item inside of Microsoft’s stores, the company is positioning the offer as push for sales of the Surface tablet. The deal ends on October 27, 2013.

This campaign is just one aspect of Microsoft’s attempts at trumping Apple’s iPad. Over the past several months, Microsoft has been running TV ads that position Windows 8 for tablets the Microsoft Surface against the iPad. These ads have highlighted the multitasking capabilities of Windows 8, and have panned the iPad for the lack of a kickstand and USB ports. 

As for the Surface, the tablet has essentially been a flop, leading the company to take a $900 million write-off on the device. Nonetheless, the company will be upgrading the more-than-year-old tablet later this month. Apple, for its part, is expected to unleash its new iPads about a month later.

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11 Responses to “Microsoft offering up $200 discounts on Surface with iPad trade-in”

  1. Andy Lexus says:

    Why not change it for the iPad free, and so the surface is still more humiliating. What they do is kicking drowned.




  3. Xavier Xwiz says:

    Is it possible to demean oneself further?


  4. This reminds me of Movie 43, the “iBabe.” But, rather, the iKen (e.g. Surface).


  5. Your facts are incorrect.
    Neither the surface rt nor the one with windows 8 pro are a year old


  6. rogifan says:

    Why only iPad. Why not Android tablets?


  7. Pretty sad that Microsoft had a 10-year head start on tablet computing and failed. Then the iPad came out and it was a success, so Microsoft tried again with their spin on it and failed again. It’s hilarious and sad at the same time.


  8. Curtis Quick says:

    I’m sure iPad fans will not take the bait, but there are people in the middle who have iPads that they are not using and would love to trade them in for a more productivity-focused device. Surface RT is one sweet little laptop with a removable keyboard that is very helpful for those of us who use MS Office to get work done on the go. My back has never felt better for my being able to leave my old heavy laptop behind and work on my Surface RT instead.


  9. yuniverse7 says:

    That’s nice, but I can get $200 for my iPad 2/32GB on Gazelle… It’ll be better used to buy another iPad…preferably the new one that’s about to come out.