Hardcore iPhone fans in Japan already queuing for the 5s and 5c going on sale on Friday weren’t going to be put off by a mere typhoon (hurricane) warning: they continued their vigil outside Tokyo’s Ginza store. Apple Store staff opened the doors at 7.30am, shortly before the typhoon hit, to bring customers inside, reports Kotaku.

They were allowed to bring in their wet possessions, rest in the Apple Store theater until 10am, and were even given bottled water. “I was so moved how Apple treats its customers,” said YouTube user AppTaylor

Video below the fold … 

Customers at stores around the world have been queuing outside stores even before the new phones were officially announced.

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9 Responses to “Apple Store in Tokyo saves queuing iPhone buyers from approaching typhoon”

  1. :o Well done Japanese Apple Store staff!


  2. Erm…I would be a bit more “moved” if they allowed pre-orders on the 5S….I get that the whole waiting in line thing is for hardcore fans and an experience in itself but come on…who really wants to wait in line that long??


  3. tigerpork says:

    take note samsung


  4. Mike Xidis says:

    Seems like more of a legal/P.R. move than a compassionate one, but I guess I’m more of a sceptic.


  5. Does the thrill of having it 3 days before I walk in and pick one up without hassle really make up for standing in line for days?