As promised, Realmac Software has brought its modern to-do list Clear to the iPad with its latest version release for iOS 7. Clear for iOS 7 also features enhancements to its user interface that better suit it for the lighter environment of Apple’s latest UI overhaul. For the first time, Clear is a universal iOS app, meaning one purchase provides an app for both the iPhone or iPod touch and the iPad. Below we’ll take a look at the brand new version of Clear for iPad.

Clear for iPad features a design dedicated for the larger tablet display that allows for new experiences including previewing tasks within list headlines and easily moving tasks between lists. The larger layout lets you for view more content at a glance and requires less navigating than the iPhone version.

I found this birds-eye view of lists and tasks to create a sense of diligence and awareness when using the application. List peeking and moving tasks are key features unique to the iPad version that contribute to the fluidity and ability to easily manipulate items within your lists.

List Peeking

List Peeking

Swiping over a list to view its items is quick and fast, although two finger swiping isn’t immediately obvious without reading the setup guide (which you should do!). Clear for iPad does display the top three items of all inactive lists in the left side bar by default, though, so you can still benefit from the tablet layout without discovering list peeking. If you prefer a more concise view without previews, you can disable sidebar preview items in the settings view.

The settings view is accessed by swiping in from the left, which was a slight point of friction for me after using the iPhone version with uses a pull down from the top. It makes sense, though, as tons of apps have a preferences or submenu basement, but use the popular three lined “hamburger” button to signal its presence. That’s the expense of an ultra-clean UI, but its easily worth the eye candy once you adjust to the various gestures and overall structure.

Clear’s iconic style hasn’t changed either. While its fonts have lightened up a bit and its icon has toned down the variety of colors, Clear still features a collection of themes from which to choose and delightful tones when navigating through the app.

Clear was already at home on iOS 7 from day one, and the addiction of translucency, parallax and lighter typography allow Clear to join the list of iOS apps that are not just compatible, but optimized for iOS 7.

Clear for iPad feels very much familiar if you’ve spent any amount of time with the iPhone version, but it’s uniquely different and appropriate for its size. Clear for iPhone feels cleaner and more dynamic with the visual tweaks for iOS 7.

Both are available in the App Store a single purchase for $2.99 at launch, regular $4.99, for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches running iOS 7. Your data still syncs between devices with iCloud and is compatible with Clear for Mac as well. I highly recommend Clear for iOS 7 for existing users and new users alike.

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4 Responses to “Clear for iOS 7 delivers iPad support, UI refinements, and more”

  1. Way to nickel-and-dime users with some minor, cosmetic difference by jumping on the “updated for iOS 7″ bandwagon.

    This is pathetic and shameful.


  2. Mani Gutau says:

    Bottom line, if we want Ipad support, we need to pay 3 dollars. For nothing else than iPad support, as the previous Clear app is also compatible with iOS 7. This ”updated” price should have been addressed strictly to new users, as a current customer of Realmac Software I can only say : it’s very CLEAR you don’t give a ….. about your current customers !


  3. im loving the CLEAR app. i’m add and dyslexic – it simplifies my life more than most of ohter fully functional but cluttered and confusing apps.
    On iPad however:
    1) i would REALLY like to know how to get to the grey settings menu so i can switch on iCloud as i do on the phone…
    2) Where oh where is the pinching open or closed gesture to collapse a list (i have many lists) or add new items?
    3) shame that if we already spent $$ on the iPad and iPhone apps, that we also have to fork out more for the desktop version. #sadpanda

    with iCloud functionality, my problem of having multiple lists in multiple places, devices, book etc is solved. i have the same lists in my pocket everywhere

    I also have a suggestion – if you make a new list, there should be something like a smart list, or todays priorities there one can cherry pick items from different lists to also be added to amore immediate action list.
    like i have a lists for DIY projects, maintenance and business respectively. some are immediate and most are when i get around to it. cherry picking items into a ToDoToDay list can help create a clear view of more immediate needs or whatever you set out for a particular day from various lists. if those get checked off the cherry picked list, they should also become checked in the list the are picked from.
    Hope this is a useful input.