The popular VNC client Screens has been updated to version 3.0, bringing with it a completely redesigned interface for iOS 7 and a host of new features. Some of these features include support for pasting between a remote computer and iOS device, a new quick connection screen for quickly connecting to your favorite devices, support for multiple displays on the remote computer, and a customizable toolbar that lets you better control the functions of the app.

Screens 3 is available as a new download for all users for $19.99. It requires iOS 7.

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3 Responses to “Screens 3 arrives with iOS 7 compatibility, a redesigned interface, and more”

  1. apps are not updating for me on IOS7


  2. Hope this trend doesn’t continue much… Already spent $20 on this app. Now they want me to spend $20 more for a UI overhaul?


    • It’s the natural order of things. When Apple is taking 33% of all the money they make they are forced to do things like this. Personally I purchased Screens 1 and got the 2.0 update. Now they want me to spend 20 more bucks for something that I don’t need (since in their own words “Screens 2 is still a valid and working app nonetheless. There won’t be any active support [oh joy..]) I would try iTeleport which has a free to use desktop client for both Mac and Windows. I don’t know what Edovia was thinking by making paying customers pay again.