Following the launch of an all new Google Wallet app for Android that brought the service to all Android devices in the US and customers on Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, today Google has launched an official Google Wallet app for iOS devices.

Since in-store payments are still limited to a handful of Android devices in the U.S. with NFC, the new app, available on the App Store now, includes many of the new features that Google announced in its latest Android update. That includes the ability to send money to any friend in the US with an email address, support for adding loyalty cards, and integration with Google Offers for redeeming discounts based on location using the app. The app will let iOS users in the U.S. scan to add debit and credit cards for sending money and making purchases online.

Previously loyalty cards were only available to NFC enabled Android devices, but now users will be able to add cards with a bar code or serial number and use them in store by scanning the card within the app at checkout. With the latest Android release, Google noted that new loyalty programs are available to join within the app including Alaska Airlines, Belly, and Red Mango. It also has plans to add many more from Avis Car Rental, BJ’s Restaurants, Cosi, Hard Rock International, InterContinental Hotels Group, Marriott International, Raley’s, and The Body Shop.

NFC payments through the Google Wallet app are still supported for Android devices in the U.S., although Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile will not be supporting the feature due to investments in rival mobile payments platform ISIS.

The Google Wallet app is available now on the App Store for iPhones running iOS 6.0 and up in the US. Google posted a blog post on its website running through some of the new features mentioned above.

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One Response to “Google releases Google Wallet app for iPhone”

  1. Stephen Bard says:

    Not there yet, at least for me.