Update: The app has been removed from the Google Play Store.

Earlier this month, iMessage Chat for Android appeared on the Google Play store. The app is by no means an official Apple-created iMessage solution for Android, but the creation of a third-party developer named Daniel Zweigart. Surprisingly, according to a few users who have tried the app, it actually works. You can send messages from your Android device to your iPhone or iPad, and vice versa.

However, it’s quite possible that the Apple IDs and passwords being entered into the app are being collected by the developer for nefarious purposes.

If you’re really curious about how the app works, software developer Adam Bell has discovered that it connects to Apple’s iMessage server posing as a Mac mini. Cydia creator Jay Freeman (aka saurik) has also noted on Google+ that the app forwards all communication from Apple to a server running in China. That means every message you send or receive using this app is being processed—and possibly stored—on a server run by the creator.

However, Steven Troughton-Smith also points out that the app has the ability to download and install software in the background, meaning it is capable of putting malware on your phone without your knowledge. Given this information, we highly advise staying away from the app.

Should you decide to try downloading the app from the Google Play store, we recommend only testing it with a throwaway Apple ID that has none of your payment or personal information attached. We really can’t stress that point enough.

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29 Responses to “iMessage makes the jump to Android in the form of a shady unofficial app (updated: removed)”

  1. Sooooo…. First Sammy copies Apple and now Android developers copy Apple?

    • Sorry, what is being copied here?

      • Ummm…. iMessage
        Ok…let’s cut to the chase. Most Sammy lovers (and there is nothing wrong with loving Samsung products) claim that all of Samsung Software is superior to Apples and that Sammy hasn’t copied any of Apples designs. The courts have already ruled that they did copy at least ‘some things’…. If you review this article from Venturebeat

        You will see exactly what I’m talking about str8 from Sammy’s own CEO. Thus… My comment is meant to show the irony that now the 3rd Party Develpers are doing the copying / porting of apps to be “More like Apple”

    • vandevandel says:

      Sooooo…. Now Apple invented the chat between smartphone using data network ? Ever heard of Skype ? Fring ? Viber ?
      All of these existed BEFORE iMessage.. so who’s copying who ???

      • Coby Mcnamee says:

        mate if you noticed all these apps are available to download on the app store anyway all mobile companies have their own special networking feature black berry have bbm and i understand that blackberry have designed the bbm for ios and andriod but why do they need to take imessage as it much better than any other messaging system cause its ported into the gsm messaging aswell

    • sooo.. apple copies android? since iOS7 is just a copy.. LOL

    • Tim Sykes says:

      lol no they didnt copy it, the made iMessage for Android. If Apple had any balls it would release its products on Android, just like Google does for iOS.

      Fact is all this guy has done is let Android users chat to iOS users through their own app.

      If iPhone users looked at this, this app would be really good for them as well as you can chat to your friends with Android phones now with out using Whatsapp or Kik or standard conventions.

    • What this guy is made a port of iMessage to where it will work on a non-iOS device. If this makes it a copy, well, just about everything Apple does is a copy of someone elses work. The bigger screen on their iPhones, the notification bar on the iOS, just to name a few.

  2. Kawser Nasim says:

    Like Apple will ever put an app in the Play Store!

  3. I have a feeling this is very bad for IOS in the future. Gather enough iCloud users, release the botnet of spam.

  4. I was already cheering because I really hope there will be iMessages for Android at some point but got soon disappointed when I read the article – too shady. Pity!
    I don’t use Android but it’d be cool if Android users could use iMessage because I hate Whatsapp! :D

  5. Jim Phong says:

    Apple should sue and get this thief arrested by FBI ASAP.

  6. But Android guys despite apple, iso, imessages, etc, don’t they?

    • Don’t stereotype. Some people actually choose to be a fan of technology and not a fan of a brand.

      • John Armwood says:

        I agree 100%. I am operating system agnostic. Apple clearly makes the best laptops and has the best software developers for the desktop and laptop platforms. Apple also had the best hardware and software for mobile. Android clearly has caught up and passed Apple in some ways, especially value, in the mobile sphere. Android is more flexible than IOS. The Android share page is unequaled in IOS. Being a fan of a company is fine, but rather childish. They, the companies, are only a fan of your money. The game is about who can push the technological envelope to make you desire their products. That is why I sold my iPad 2 and bought a Nexus 10. That is why I have bought both generations of the Nexus 7 instead of an iPad Mini while using every generation to find iPod Touch devices with a hot spot and Jawbone headset as my phone. I started with a paid Skype in account and moved to a paid Magic Jack account. That saves me $1200 every two years over a regular smartphone plan from a cellular company. It is absolutely the best technology at the best price.

    • Tim Sykes says:

      Im not a fan of Apple, simply because they stunt progress. For example, Google release everything on iOS which they release on Android. Apple just monopolise their apps because they are terrified of the competition where as Google really do seem to embrace it.

      Admittedly Google make money from where ever they release their apps through ads but theres no reason Apple couldnt do the same and then people who are pro android might not be so harsh towards Apple and it’s products.

  7. It would be great if apple release a official iMessage for android.

  8. Apple servers periodically check logic board serial numbers when using iMessage from a mac. This is not going to be a program that works very long. Once Apple’s servers query for the serial number and sees either 1) its not valid or 2) the same serial number is connecting to the iMessage servers hundreds of times from multiple ip address or devices then it will be denied access to the service. I’m an Apple certified Mac tech and have seen iMessage stop working multiple times when the logic board is replaced and not serialized.

  9. Stetson says:

    Seems like a great way to collect Apple ID’s and passwords.

  10. ctyrider says:

    Blah blah blah.. the usual paranoia and negativity, without any knowledge of facts. The developer is a actively engaged with the community, and responding to questions on Google+. You can argue whether Apple will be happy or not about the existing of this app.. But there is nothing sinister about it.

  11. On what are they basing the “has the ability to download and install software in the background”?
    The listed permissions on the Play Store show read/write of USB storage, but this is very different than installing apps.

  12. Rick Benham says:

    just wait for bbm. Imessage is just a rip off of that anyway. BlackBerry should sue apple for it and get themselfs back on track …….. If they didn’t sell I mean

  13. Coby Mcnamee says:

    i just believe that androids are for people who cant afford an iphone just how it seems cause clearly the iphone 5s is the best smart phone and i would know ive had all the samsung galaxy’s and i know how much more powerful the iphone 5s is compared to any other smart phone

    • How stuck up and arrogant can you be!? For one, there are many android devices more expensive than an iPhone, and guess what? They absolutely kill the iPhone when compared in processing speeds. Clearly the best phone? That’s a based opinion, for a basic consumer (I’m assuming like yourself) an iPhone is fine as it provides all basic functions you need. But you’re limited in what you can do by the highly limited interface with almost no customisable features.

      Now with android, it’s more suited for the pro-sumer market and provides all basic functions and is highly customisable. The problem is when users don’t know what they’re doing they clutter the OS up with am multitude of apps and slow the phone down.

      The only reason that people have tried to create an imessage app for android is because apple refuses to release their own software onto other platforms and so therefore hinder process within other platforms…

      Blatant statements like that are prime examples of a brainwashed consumer caught under the Web of a forceful company that has no interest in developing technology.

  14. I know the app is removed, but I downloaded an apk. is it possible to use it?