Chinese site DoNews has posted two photos of what it claims is a champagne-colored iPad Mini 2 with Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Concept photos and outright hoaxes are commonplace in the run-up to an anticipated product launch (we debunked one of these just yesterday), so there is no telling whether or not these are the real deal, but it’s obviously logical to expect Apple to release both the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 in the same colour schemes as the iPhone 5s. It’s also pretty likely that both will be fitted with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor (shown below the fold), though we have heard some whispers that it doesn’t … 

Here’s the front of the claimed device, showing the Touch ID sensor on the home button:


Sonny Dickson also tweeted a photo of what he says is the casing of the iPad Mini 2 in another iPhone 5s color, Space Gray.


Both are consistent with earlier claimed casing leaks by French site NWE – this link also shows some concept renders by Martin Hajek.

Dickson also separately tweeted that the device has Touch ID.

Dickson’s sources say that both new iPads will have the same 64-bit A7 chip and M7 co-processor as the iPhone 5s, the Mini 2 with 1GB RAM (same as the 5s) while the iPad 5 will have 2GB.

It has been rumored (or remeured) that the new iPads will be unveiled at a a media event on 15th October, perhaps combined with new Macs but possibly not.

Via TechCrunch

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13 Responses to “Chinese site shows two photos of claimed gold iPad Mini 2 with Touch ID”

  1. TouchID + iPad (mini) = ideal setup for multi-user accounts. Please do it, Apple. At least in iOS 8 *sigh*


  2. rogifan says:

    Wasn’t Dickson pretty much right on with his iPhone hardware leaks?


  3. iPad 5 with A7 chip & 2GB RAM – Apple, you may have a sale there.


  4. I’ve been waiting for this rumor, this I will have if true.


  5. late4class says:

    I think they’ll skip retina on this iteration of the mini and include it in next years.


    • They CAN’T skip retina. Every other player in this category already has higher-than-retina screens.


      • tallestskil says:

        Except Apple can do anything they want. Except history has shown that them doing anything they want has always been successful for them. “Can’t” skip retina? Ludicrous nonsense.

        Every other “player” uses worthless quality panels. Apple doesn’t. And what does it say about their intelligence that they’re using “higher than retina” screens? They’d rather waste customers’ money on things they physically do not need.


  6. irockapple says:

    Maybe I’m a bit shortsighted, but I’m not seeing the practicality of having the M7 in the new iPads.


  7. Rich Alex says:

    They need to make the mini on par with the ipad5. You shouldn’t have to substitute power and functionality because you want a different sized screen. Make them both the same price and specs. Touch I’d plus retina has sold me on a new mini. Just keep it on par with big brother no one wants an underpowered ipad.


    • Ben Lovejoy says:

      I’d tend to agree personally, but Apple has to hit a price-point with the Mini. That was the key driver behind is creation: opening up a new market that wasn’t buying the full-sized one due to the price.