With the announcement of the new iPads approaching later this month, rumors surrounding the new full-sized iPad have centered around a thinner, lighter design, but it’s been unclear if the new tablet will sport the Touch ID fingerprint authentication system from the iPhone 5s. I’ve heard that Apple’s most recent internal next-generation iPad prototypes have lacked Touch ID sensors, so it’s unclear if it will make the cut for this year. There are a few reasons why Touch ID wouldn’t make sense on an iPad this year:

  • Exclusivity to iPhone 5s could help with sales for Apple’s flagship phone. Notice the iPhone 5c doesn’t have it.
  • Supplies for Sapphire Crystal are obviously tight.
  • Touch ID would be better suited for an iPad capable of multiple users; is the OS even ready for that?

On the other hand, bringing Touch ID to the iPad this year would create consistency for Apple’s fall 2013 iOS Device line. Apple’s iPhone 5s internal test units did not gain Touch ID until late into testing, so there isn’t conclusive evidence right now for either direction…

Trying to lean into the direction of the new fifth-generation iPad including Touch ID, a YouTuber has torn apart his iPhone 5s to remove the Touch ID sensor and gold metal ring. The user than noted that the Touch ID sensor’s metal ring fits perfectly into a purported fifth-generation iPad front-plate. While this may seem like conclusive evidence to some for the new iPad including Touch ID, I have a couple reasons for doubt:

  • Who knows if the leaked front-plate is even legitimate or the final product?
  • Home button size has not drastically differed across Apple devices, so this could just be a coincidence.
  • It’s unclear if the iPhone 5s’s Touch ID internal components would even properly fit in the iPad. All we have here is a front plate.

Nonetheless, come later this month, it’s likely that we’ll get all the official details from Apple on the 64-bit, A7X-packing full-sized iPad and a Retina iPad mini that looks nearly identical to the current iPad mini.

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13 Responses to “iPhone’s Touch ID metal ring fits in iPad 5 part, but likely isn’t evidence for fingerprint-scanning iPads”

  1. Sapphire glass is artificial, so it’s not restrained at all.


  2. “Exclusivity to iPhone 5s could help with sales for Apple’s flagship phone. Notice the iPhone 5c doesn’t have it.”

    No. All future iPhones will have Touch ID. The 5c is just a replacement of the 5, which didn’t have a Touch ID. And iPads with Touch ID won’t stop people from buying iPhones, in fact it would be a competitive advantage over all other tablets.

    “Supplies for Sapphire Crystal are obviously tight.”

    No. Its not the kind of sapphire harvested in the depths.

    “Touch ID would be better suited for an iPad capable of multiple users; is the OS even ready for that?”

    Yes it would be “better” suited for iPads with multiple user accounts, but even with a single account it’d be a great adition (imagine allowing for up to 10 fingerprints instead of 5). In the long term, iPads are increasingly becoming personal devices instead of household web and photo browsers.


  3. I can’t imagine whey they wouldn’t add it. The more devices they add the scanner to, the more features they can start to add to take advantage of it.


  4. verizon2828 says:

    I freakin love the fingerprint sensor on my 5S. I rarely used a passcode before but now I can benefit from having a secure phone that is also quick and easy to access. I will be upgrading to the iPad 5 so I really hope it has the fingerprint sensor. It wouldn’t be a dealbreaker if it didn’t though.


  5. Hamza Sheikh says:

    Well, If you ask me, I believe finger-print scanning is something that should be limited till iPhone series. I don’t understand the point of bringing it an iPad series.


  6. I think Apple will include Touch ID on the new iPad and iPad Mini. Here’s why: With iCloud Keychain, Passbook and iTunes Password verification – Touch ID is poised to be a game changing technology. Apple could set up mobile payments with Passbook and Touch ID which makes sense on the iPhone. Using Touch ID with iCloud Keychain would allow you to unlock the keychain with your fingerprint – removing the need for creating a difficult (and hard to remember) master password. Though I don’t see them stopping at the iPhone, with the combination of all three technologies Apple could create an extremely secure way to shop online. One simple navigates through the website as normal, when it’s time to purchase simply select your credit card from a list of pre-entered options (pre entered into the passbook app) and press the home button. Voila! This is why Apple would want to put the Touch ID on the iPad (and multiple user accounts too). I also foresee them adding Touch ID to their keyboards and MacBooks, simply taking the standard power button in the top right corner and adding touch capacity. This would allow Apple to create a harmonious solution, as has always been Apple’s style. They want a solution for the whole ecosystem.


    • Touch ID makes sense on a Mac, but I don’t see where they would put it. The circular power button on the MacBook Pro line-up has been phased out on the MacBook Pros w/ retina display. And I think Apple will kill-off the non retina Pros this fall, or next. From a design standpoint, a glossy circular button outside of the keyboard would look gnarly. The power button on a Macbook is a half-sized chicklet key, and it would need to be larger than that to accommodate a finger.


  7. I’ve never really cared about the iPad mini but I hope the larger ‘classic’ iPad gets the TouchID. Also been hearing that the leaks components lack smart cover magnets. That would be a DRAG!


  8. Sometimes it pays to be prudent about speculation, but I think in this case, it’s fairly obvious its Apples intention to roll out TouchID as a standard on all new product releases just like Siri.

    I’m in favour too, going back to my iPad Mini and having to enter a pin code seems such a chore after using my 5S for just a day!

    This guys time and trouble was worth the effort as far as I’m concerned, I’m at 99% now that it will happen! keeping 1% in reserve for a backtrack due to manufacturing yield issues etc.


  9. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    The rest of the smartphone and tablet industry says Touch ID is useless because iOS devices are now in the minority and Android OS is everywhere. They’re all waiting for the Android version of a fingerprint sensor to make it available to the impoverished masses.


  10. Wouldn’t it make more sense that the full size iPad would have Touch ID but the iPad mini wouldn’t? I’m not saying that’s what I want to happen, but wouldn’t it more follow suit of Apple?

    I honestly fail to see how iPad with Touch ID would cannibalize iPhone 5S sales. They are two completely different markets. Would anyone really say, “Gee the iPad has Touch ID, I’m not going to buy an iPhone 5S now!” ??