With Apple CEO Tim Cook’s endorsement, Anki, a company with artificial intelligence and robots-based products, debuted Anki Drive at WWDC earlier this year. Anki Drive is a car game for iOS that connects to physical cars. The app is currently available via the App Store while the cars and mat system will be available via retail channels…

The demo from Apple’s 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference can be seen above. At the event, the creators of the product said that it would ship this fall. Today, we’ve learned that the company plans to make Anki Drive available in both Apple Retail Stores and Apple’s Online Store as soon as this month.

Of course, the debut could be delayed for several reasons, but October is the current launch plan. A spokesperson for Anki declined to comment.

Update: Hearing that the Anki Drive set will cost $200 and include 2 cars. Additional cars will be $70 a piece.

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3 Responses to “Endorsed by Tim Cook at WWDC, Anki Drive likely to launch this month”

  1. Anki drive, what exactly can that be used for that would “benefit humanity”?


  2. John Matthew says:

    Anki Drive looks pretty awesome in WWDC demo. I hope the car system works exactly as it gets advertised on the event.