Skype has updated its iPhone app to give a “refreshed look and feel for iOS 7″ as well as a number of accessibility improvements and bug fixes.

Although the UI is clearly iOS 7 focused, Skype for iPhone 4.13 is compatible with iOS 5 and 6 too. Full details of the update below the fold … 

What New in Skype for iPhone and iPad 4.13:

  • Refreshed look and feel for iOS 7
  • Accessibility improvements, including:
    • Improved accessibility of dialpad with touchtype support
    • VoiceOver announces the senders name when messaging
    • VoiceOver improvements for group chats
  • General fixes

The update, available as a free download from iTunes, is suitable for all iPhones from the 3GS onward, as well as iPod Touches from 3rd Gen up.

Skype for Mac was recently updated with improved screen sharing.

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5 Responses to “Skype for iPhone gets a flatter, cleaner look for iOS 7”

  1. The reviews for this are horrible. A lot of folks are having issues with the other person on the line hearing them.


  2. tigerpork says:

    Very nice. Now why is Google taking so long to update all of their apps to iOS 7?


  3. The Skype app has been showing adds since a couple of updates now. I must say, I find this very cheap and lame of Skype. They used to be great, but now the app is full of stuff I don’t want to see + the video calls are not at all stable compared to facetime calls when using 3G. They should really fix this, because it’s such a great service, and I even used to buy skype credit for 3G phone calls to other countries etc. but since these adds and restrictions with the ‘free’ version… Why..?